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Last summer 34 honors students in the College of Business took a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. One of those students, David Perez ’13 recently shared an interesting story with Honors Dean Hedeman that relates to their trip. His tale is part of an email sent Tuesday, January 4, while traveling in Australia over the winter break.

So on the way home from the beach one night, I met a man who was wearing a Turkish hat. Of course, I went up to him and said "Merhaba", and you could see the biggest smile in his face. When he found out I wasn't Turkish, we was so interested and amazed at what we did in Turkey. We ended up talking for hours. Before we departed, he invited me and some of my classmates to his restaurant. In typical Turkish fashion, he made an extra-large meat lover's pizza and bought us drinks (all on the house!).
It's definitely fascinating to see what a 10 day honors trip to Turkey can do for the rest of your life.

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