Illinois MBA
2005 Study Tour


January 15, 2005 
"... make few plans ...
take a bold leap outside
your comfort zone."

Cruser: A key take away from this experience is the friendships I've made or strengthened. A secret I've learned: when traveling en masse to a common destination, make few plans, change travel groups or social groups often and take a bold leap out of your comfort zone. People will be rewarded from your openness and you will see another side of the world you may never have known existed.

Han: [After dinner] We head to a night club to meet more interesting people. Jung asks me, do you want to speak Chinese to a guy? He has been to China. And of course I say yes. This guy was born in Poland, sent to Switzerland for school and worked in China. So he speaks Polish, German, French, Italian, and of course English. And right now he's speaking Chinese to me.

Gosh I'm jealous! People like that make me realize how little I know, and how much more there is to learn.


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