Illinois MBA
2005 Study Tour


January 13, 2005

Picturesque building.Han: Sometimes I feel that Poland is too cold for me. Not just the weather, but the people and the language. I feel frustrated when I don't understand what's going on around me at all, and the fact that little people on the street speak English or show friendliness to me doesn't help. I experienced the movie, "Lost in Translation" here. Then I feel ashamed by the thought of complaining about their not speaking English - I should be complaining why I don't speak Polish. Who am I to assume that every one should know how to speak English? Their biggest trading partner is Germany, so it is natural that most people only speak Polish and German, and there are actually more German channels available on TV than English channels.

Cruser: We are again in class and today focusing on the history and future of several Eastern European countries. Being in Prague and now Warsaw, any young entrepreneur or business person with limited ties and an ambitious drive would do well to embrace the emerging economies of this former Soviet block. The people in these places are moving forward.


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