Coordinating editor’s note:  The College of Commerce and Business Administration’s Annual Report 2001 was distributed in mid-November 2001 to donors to the college.  Because the college does not make the list of individual donors available on the web, the content from the annual report is included here.

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Annual Report 2001
College of Commerce and Business Administration


Message from the Dean. 2

The Year in Review. 3

University and College Honors. 5

Another Impressive Showing by CCBA. 8

Campaign Illinois. 9

CCBA Annual Recognition. 10

Chairs And Named Professorships. 11

Department and Unit Briefs. 12

Annual Giving Levels. 14

Gifts of Time. 15

Gifts from Organizations. 16




Message from the Dean

The Future is in Our Hands

It is with pride that I share with you this annual report, which highlights a few of the accomplishments and achievements of the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Commerce and Business Administration during the last academic year. This report also documents the impressive list of donors to our college – donors of monetary gifts as well as of time and service. My colleagues join me in thanking you for your contributions, which are essential for the strength and vitality of the college.

I became an official member of the CCBA community in August but began to learn in detail about the college during the year documented here. The enduring strengths of our college are the quality of its students and of its faculty. Because of its long history as a leader in business education, the college has been able to attract influential scholars from around the world to its faculty. They in turn have attracted students of high caliber. CCBA’s large and far-flung network of distinguished alumni and friends is another of its strengths. Creating opportunities for the alumni to be meaningfully engaged with their alma mater is one of our priorities.

I invite you to join with the college as we build on our strong foundation to achieve an even higher level of excellence and distinction.

— Avijit Ghosh



The Year in Review

Looking back on 2001, I am struck by the progress of the college in a year marked by transition and change.

Our search for a new dean was an intensive process. The appointment of Avijit Ghosh in March marked the beginning of a new era for our college and one that we are confident will advance our institution. Dean Ghosh is an accomplished administrator, having come to us from the Stern School of Business at New York University where he was most recently vice dean and previously directed the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. His success as a researcher of marketing and his vow to continue teaching – with his first class scheduled for the spring 2002 semester – bode well for our college.

CCBA academic units implemented changes and enhanced programs during this year. Because of the wide reach of the web, many of our college units are leveraging on-going activities to provide additional educational opportunities for students and heightening their exposure to new business technologies. From a new online certificate program in financial engineering launched by the Department of Finance to an online journal founded by a faculty member in the Department of Economics that is fostering free – and rapid – review of academic research, the college is taking advantage of technology.

Students benefited from exposure to alumni who are leading the way in the evolving and wired business world. A team of executives from eGM, the online wing of General Motors, helped create and teach a course in e-commerce that highlighted strategies for using these new technologies.  An e-business executive speaker series was launched this spring, and a plan to create an e-business center of innovation in collaboration with the Illinois MBA Program took shape last fall. The tradition of inviting prominent alumni back to campus to share their knowledge continued with the executive in residence program and with the V. Dale Cozad Lecture. David Kinley Lecturers this year included prominent researchers from Harvard and MIT. 

Graduates also have an opportunity to learn and to network by attending events organized by the college. The Commerce Alumni Association’s Spring Luncheon featured Michael Krasny (’75) who spoke on his highly successful business philosophy as founder of CDW Computer Centers. The Illini Center in the Windy City was the site for Commerce Round Tables, twice-a-semester luncheons hosted by several of our prominent alumni and featuring faculty and alumni speakers.

Our faculty’s research and expertise were showcased in The New York Times, The Economist, the Chicago Tribune, and The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin as well as on radio and local and national television. Investiture ceremonies this spring highlighted the contributions of two long-time faculty members: Greg Northcraft was named the Harry J. Gray Professor of Executive Leadership and Ira Solomon became the first Robert C. Evans Distinguished Professor of Accountancy. Business Administration’s Kent Monroe and the late Seymour Sudman were honored with a conference or symposia in their names. This spring many faculty and graduate students were given department- and alumni-awarded teaching and research honors.

The Class of 2001 – almost 1,000 undergraduates strong – are the newest representatives of the college out “in the real world.” We and they are indebted to the staff in the Office of Undergraduate Affairs and in our academic units, who guided and advised the students from their first days on campus through the final steps of evaluating their credentials for graduation ceremonies. Commerce Career Services offered an array of resources that helped class members in their job searches. Placement figures – as well as starting salaries – continue to be outstanding.

Our remarkable undergraduate and graduate scholars juggle classes, extracurricular activities, jobs, volunteer work, and athletics. Each is a credit to our college and to the University of Illinois. Too numerous to mention individually, I can only list a few honors our students added to the list of achievements for the college. Scores of undergraduate scholars were honored at the spring awards banquet. In the MBA program, a first-year student won the award for the best question-and-answer at the Big Ten MBA Case Competition, and another was named “Outstanding New Black MBA,” one of ten nationally. An interdisciplinary team from Illinois that included some MBA students placed second at the Andersen Business Case Change Enablement Student Competition, and, for the second straight year, the Illinois MBA program had students on the interdisciplinary team that emerged victorious from the NASA Means Business Student Competition.

Reflecting on some of the outstanding achievements and successes in 2001 is particularly poignant for me. My retirement in August marked the end of 36 years as an accountancy faculty member and, most recently, as interim dean. It was my privilege to serve as caretaker of the college for eight months following the untimely death of Interim Dean William Bryan in December 2000.

— Fred Neumann

University and College Honors


Michael Krasny (BS ’75), chairman emeritus, CDW Computer Centers

Distinguished Commerce Alumnus Award

Al Wohlers (AB ’39), founder and chairman (ret.), Albert H. Wohlers & Co.

University of Illinois Distinguished Service Award

Faculty And Staff

Werner Baer, professor of economics

Excellence-in-Teaching Award for Undergraduate Teaching

Campus Graduate College Mentoring Award (Honorable Mention)

Larry DeBrock, professor of economics

Campus Award for Excellence in Graduate and Professional Teaching

Ananda Ganguly, assistant professor of accountancy

St. Louis Accountancy Committee Excellence-in-Teaching Award

Patricia Healea (dec.), recruiting coordinator, Commerce Career Services

Outstanding Staff Award

Narasimhan Jegadeesh, Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professor in Financial Markets and Options

Excellence in Research Award, Senior Researcher

Larry Johnson, assistant dean for undergraduate affairs

Outstanding Academic Professional Award

David Lins, professor of finance

EMBA Teacher of the Year, First-Year Curriculum

MBAA Faculty Excellence Award

Morgan Lynge, professor of finance and chair of the department

Executive and Professional Development Award

Fred Neumann, Commerce interim dean and associate dean

Commerce Appreciation Award

Stephen Parente, assistant professor of economics

Excellence in Research Award, Junior Researcher

Hanns-Martin Schoenfeld

EMBA Teacher of the Year, Second-Year Curriculum

Brian Wansink, associate professor of business administration

Excellence-in-Teaching Award for Graduate Teaching

MBAA Faculty Excellence Award

Kevin Waspi, lecturer of finance

Weinstein Excellence Award


Graduate Students

Kareen Brown, doctoral student, accountancy

Excellence-in-Teaching Award for Teaching Assistants

Andrew Helms, fifth-year doctoral student, economics

Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award

Joshua Herbold, doctoral student, accountancy

Excellence-in-Teaching Award for Teaching Assistants

Jon Perkins, graduate student, accountancy,

Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Ngamboko P. Muzinga, doctoral student, ACES

Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award

Undergraduate Students

Jeffrey Brook

Commerce Alumni Association Matthews Scholar

Benjamin Christensen

President’s Award

Victoria Goodman

Student Leadership Award

Robert Keleghan

Commerce Alumni Association Undergraduate Scholarship

Bronze Tablet

Joshua Lee Beal

Keith Charles Berensheim

Jeffrey Richard Brook

Stacy Marie Brunner

Henry Ken-Tong Chen

Angela Chiu

Rebecca Anne Fuchs

Danielle Dane Fulk

Brent Alan Gleckler

Jordan Dwin Hobfoll

Meegan Brianne Huyser

Kevin David Klintworth

Scott Michael Lee

Beth Nicole Meyers

Laura Margaret Miller

Michelle Lee Miller

Joseph Zebulon Myatt

Michael Edward Nativi

Cassandra Lea Osborne

Scott Edward Perkins

Zvi Michael Rhine

Scott Walter Scharlau

Andrea Roxanne Scheffler

Lynn Marie Vogel

Lisa Marie Warriner

Stephen Paul Weiland

Joshua Harmon Whitman

David Erick Woods

Vamseekrishna Yadlapati

Kristina LaDawn Zielsdorf

David Stanley Zydek

Senior 100 Honorary

Melody Aiken

Catherine Beattie

Benjamin Christensen

Rebecca Fuchs

Victoria Goodman

Andrea Hasheider

Elizabeth Keigher

Abe Khorshid

Sarah McKibben

Phillip Olson

Margaret Silverwood

Lauren Stirnaman

Jeff Wilhelm

Academic All-American Awards

Jason Anderson, First Team Baseball

Leo Oka, Second Team Gymnastics

Joshua Whitman, First Team Football

Another Impressive Showing by CCBA

The excellent rankings accorded to the college in the latest surveys by national media are a source of pride.

Among the top ten undergraduate business programs in the country

U.S. News and World Report (September 6, 2001)

#1 in Accountancy

#10 in Insurance/Risk Management

#10 in Marketing

#11 in Finance

#14 in Management

#14 in Production/Operations


Among the top fifty MBA programs in the country

U.S. News and World Report, (April 9, 2001), Wall Street Journal (April 30, 2001), and BusinessWeek (October 2, 2000)


Among the top forty MBA programs worldwide


Among the top ten schools in information technology

Financial Times (January 31, 2001)


# 14 in Business School Research Rankings

            —Academy of Management Journal  (December 2000)

Campaign Illinois

From strength to even greater strength — that is where Campaign Illinois took our college and the great university of which it is part. Publicly launched in 1994 and extended in 1998, this extraordinary effort concluded on December 31, 2000. Over $1.5 billion was raised, tripling the university’s endowment for faculty positions, student financial aid, and academic programs, and providing for the construction and renovation of numerous facilities.

I am proud to say that the benefits to CCBA have been proportionately extraordinary. Through Campaign Illinois we received pledges and donations totaling almost $94 million. Thanks to the generosity of those who made these contributions, we have been able to:

It is with both pleasure and satisfaction that we announce these results. And it is with powerful resolve — to advance the continuing excellence of our college, taking it to significant new heights — that we look forward to working with our alumni, friends, and supporters on new initiatives in the years to come.


Mark Neville, Associate Dean

Development and Alumni Affairs

CCBA Annual Recognition

Good news for fiscal year 2001 (July 1, 2000 – June 30, 2001): CCBA development raised an outstanding $5.9 million dollars on behalf of the college. Gifts to the Annual Fund drive increased by over 9.4% to $1.3 million, and gifts to Investors in Business Education, the highest priority  of the dean and the college, increased by 2.2% to more than $726,000.

Gifts to IBE provide support for the college’s prestigious IBE professorships, as well as for student scholarships, faculty research, development of new courses and programs, and publications and communications. The FY 2002 Annual Fund campaign is already underway. We invite you to use the enclosed mailer to make a gift. We assure you that it will make an impact — and that it is very much appreciated.

Chairs And Named Professorships

Arthur Andersen Professorship

Fred S. Bailey Memorial Chair in Finance

Harry A. Brandt Distinguished Professorship in Financial Markets and Options

Commerce Distinguished Alumni Professorship (2)

Deloitte & Touche Professorship in Accountancy

Ernst & Young Distinguished Professorship in Accountancy

R.C. Evans Endowed Chair in Commerce

Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder Distinguished Chair in Finance

Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder Distinguished Professorship in Finance

Harry J. Gray Professorship in Executive Leadership

Leonard C. and Mary Lou Hoeft Endowed Chair in Commerce and Business Administration

Leonard C. and Mary Lou Hoeft Endowed Professorship in Commerce and Business Administration

Investors in Business Education Distinguished Professorship (4)

Irwin Jecha Distinguished Professorship

John M. Jones Professorship in Marketing

William G. Karnes Professorship in Mergers and Acquisitions

William S. Kinkead Distinguished Professorship in Economics

A.C. Littleton Professorship in Accountancy

William B. McKinley Professorship in Economics and Public Utilities

Lillian and Morrie Moss Distinguished Professorship in Accountancy

Office of Real Estate Research Professorship

John A. Schoen Endowed Chair in Accountancy

H.T. Scovill Professorship in Accountancy

C. Clinton Spivey Distinguished Professorship

Walter H. Stellner Professorship in Marketing

James F. Towey Professorship in Business Administration

Department and Unit Briefs


Do something well and the world will beat a path to your door. In the summer of 2001, the Project Discovery accountancy curriculum was introduced at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore — an innovation made possible by ongoing faculty visits between CBA and NTU. Earlier this year, Dublin City University in Ireland sent a faculty delegation to visit the college and learn more about Project Discovery. The groundbreaking undergraduate curriculum is now in its fourth year of full implementation and the Project Discovery concepts and practices presently are being incorporated into master’s-level accountancy courses at Illinois. 

Business Administration

“The Greatest Generation: Surveying Private Ryan,” a study by marketing professor Brian Wansink, surveyed 1,400 veterans of World War II about how memories and experiences from that time affect their attitudes and buying behavior today. Results were presented in a special April program that drew veterans from around the country. Presentations by Commerce faculty and graduate students, on topics ranging from leadership and the effects of combat to how the past affects present buying decisions, provoked a lively response from vets and their families.


Work by economics faculty member Stephen Parente attracted the attention of New York Times columnist Virginia Postrel, who cited his “bold conclusions” in her “Economic Scene” column of May 17. Writing of The Barriers to Riches, which Parente co-authored with Edward Prescott of the University of Minnesota, Postrel said the book presents compelling evidence for free trade, by showing how vested interests in developing countries can block adoption of more productive technologies and more efficient work practices. Published last year by MIT Press, The Barriers to Riches also drew positive press in the December 8 issue of Sound Money. 


Being named a University of Illinois Distinguished Teacher/Scholar is a crowning honor in the long, productive, and energetic career of Jim Gentry, IBE Professor of Finance. Widely recognized for the excellence of his case study research and teaching, he has in recent years championed the pedagogy at CBA. A study he undertook three years ago with fellow finance faculty member Michael Dyer provided the first documentation of how students learn in large lecture classes. He has won a host of accolades, including the Commerce Alumni Association Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award — twice.


Students from the MBA's program's Office for Strategic Business Initiatives worked with staff from Deloitte & Touche and students from Engineering, Law, and Library and Information Science to evaluate and catalog more than 600 university technologies for the University Office of Technology Management (OTM). The student-created database of the technologies will be used by OTM to identify the most promising opportunities and initiate feasibility studies for start-up funding or licensing. Four members of the MBA team continued working for OTM during the 2001-2002 academic year. Similar cross-functional, high-tech projects contribute to the program's top-ten ranking on ComputerWorld’s Techno MBA list.

Commerce Career Services

CareerQuest brought first-year MBA students to Chicago for a whirlwind series of career and networking events, including panels on careers in marketing, finance, and management information systems and corporate tours to such disparate companies as The Eli's Cheesecake Company and Bank of America. During lunch students had the opportunity to network with alumni and corporate representatives. Career Services launched other new initiatives this year including a Virtual Career Fair, I-TRAK (a web-based on-campus interview management and registration system), and a 20 percent increased capacity at the Career Fair that lead to record-breaking participation both semesters.

Executive Development Center

Business, American-style, is the focus of the college’s China Program, which has, since its inception in 1993, drawn more than 57 delegations from companies, organizations, and government agencies throughout China. Offered under the auspices of the Executive Development Center, programs vary in length, providing participants with customized curricula taught by CCBA faculty that cover international business management and financial programs. Field trips, seminars with regional and national business leaders, and opportunities to learn about life in the U.S. round out the experience. Among the program’s regular clients are five major banks, including the Central Bank, China’s equivalent of the Federal Reserve Bank. 

Undergraduate Affairs

Few have graduated from Illinois as Bronze Tablet Scholars. Even fewer have been drafted by the National Football League. But one member of the Commerce Class of 2001 did both. Finance major Josh Whitman, who earned his BS in just three and a half years, tried out this fall for the Buffalo Bills, having signed with them as a free agent in the spring. An Academic All-American who compiled an outstanding record as a tight end for the Fighting Illini, Whitman also received an $18,000 postgraduate scholarship from the National Football Foundation and the College Football Hall of Fame. Whitman’s future likely includes another profession where negotiating dangerous turf is a given: law school.

Annual Giving Levels


Annual gifts to CCBA in FY01

by class

All gifts to CCBA in FY01

by class




























Gifts of Time

By their nature, gifts of time to CCBA carry no monetary value—something that makes them especially precious. The college could not advance in its mission of excellence in business research, teaching, and service without the esteemed and enthusiastic help of our many university and college board members. These are alumni and friends who give willingly of their time and expertise, playing key roles in organizing fundraising efforts and special events, and participating in the intellectual life of the college as guest lecturers.


Fran Anderson (’76), CPCU

Steve Bailey, Caterpillar

Mike Bartolotta (’85), First Southwest Company

Dale Brill, eGM

Jeri Calle, KPMG

David Cassel, Caterpillar

Rich Christensen (’82), eGM
Jim Cook (’71), Ernst & Young

Anthony DiTommaso (’74, MS ’77), Innerpac

Doug Dossey (’95), F&G Associates

Dave Downey (’63, JD’66), The Downey Group

Howard Engle (’72), Andersen

Kurt Gabouer (’86), KPMG Peat Marwick

Alan Gingold (’70), Itasca Advisors, Inc.

Barcy Grauer, Chartered Financial Services

Mil Grauer (’49) Chartered Financial Services

Mike Hackerson (’74), Caterpillar

Michele Halpin (’93), Procter & Gamble

Jennifer Hamilton, Rosettanet

Thane Hansen, RSM International

Terry Hennen, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

Robin Hirano (’86), Hewitt Associates

Mark Hogan (’73), eGM

Dan Holder, Clifton Gunderson

William G. Holland, Auditor General, State of Illinois

William Ieuter (’60), Secure Futures Insurance Agency

Jay Kesan, College of Law, Illinois

Rich Lauf (’69), Procter & Gamble

Chris Levell (’86), William M. Mercer Investment Consulting

Ron Levy (’54), Hamburg Management

Jean Manning (AB ’72, MBA ’78, JD ’83), United States Senate

Jeff Margolis (’84), The TriZetto Group

Mike Martin (’78, MAS ’80), McGladrey  & Pullen

Mike Mathieson (’74), Fortune Brands

Stacey McWherter, Northwestern Mutual

Darrell Miller (’58, MS ’60), University of Illinois

Todd Miller (’81), The Revere Group

Mark Mirsky, RSM International (’92, MS ’96)

Jeff Myers, CILCO

Mike Myers (’95), Liberty Mutual

Tom Newburg, Institute of Management Accounting

Doug Punke (’83), Cargill

Patrick Rea (’63, MA ’64), Illinois Development Finance Authority

Tim Reierson (’81), PricewaterhouseCoopers

Donna Rosemeyer (JD ’82), Allstate

Tony Roth, State Farm Insurance

Mary Schoonmaker, Rosettanet

Mark Strauch (’77), Arthur J. Gallagher & Co

Everett Truttmann, State Farm Insurance

Dean Turner, State Farm Insurance

Scott Whitsitt, One-to-One

James Wong, Unilever

David Wood(’77, MAS ’78), Wood, Mitchell & Associates


Gifts from Organizations

In 2001 CCBA was fortunate to have received support totaling more than $1.7 million from almost 300 public and private organizations spanning a range of institutions: public and private companies, financial and legal firms, health care facilities, foundations and other non-profit organizations, and student groups. Institutional support comes in two ways: as direct gifts and as funds that match contributions from individuals. The support of the business community is a particular source of pride for the college. 

Corporations, Foundations, and Other Groups

Abbott Laboratories Fund

ABN AMRO/Lasalle

Accenture Foundation

ACCO World Corporation

ADP Foundation

Advanced Fibre Communications

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Akzo Nobel Inc.

Alliant Energy

AlliedSignal Foundation Inc.

The Allstate Foundation

American Electric Power Company

American Express Foundation

American Express Tax and Business

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

American International Group, Inc.


Amsted Industries Foundation

Andersen Foundation

Anheuser-Busch Foundation

Animal Care Clinic

AON Foundation

Apex Oil Company, Inc.

APICS Educational and Research Foundation

Apple Foundation Inc.

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Arthur Andersen LLP

Arthur Andersen LLP Foundation

AT&T Foundation

Avery Dennison

The Ayco Charitable Foundation

Bank of America Foundation

Bank One Corporation

Bank One, NA

Bates and Associates

Alvin H. Baum Family Fund

The Baxter International Foundation

Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation

Berry Foundation

BF Goodrich Company

G. Bhalla & Associates, Inc.

The Boeing Gift Matching Program

Boise Cascade Corporation

Bonifield & Rosenstengel, PC

BP Amoco Corporation

BP Amoco Foundation

Bridge Information Company

Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

Bruns & Bruns Ltd.

Leo Burnett Company, Inc.

The Campbell Agency

Carson-Pfafflin Family Foundation

Caterpillar Foundation

Charitable Gift Fund

Chase Manhattan Foundation

Chesebrough-Pond's USA

Chevron Matching Grants Program

Chicago Association of Realtors

Chicago Tribune Foundation

Chris-Craft Industries, Inc.

Citgo Petroleum Corporation

CNA Foundation

CNA Surety

The Coca-Cola Company

Colgate-Palmolive Company

Colliers Turley Martin Tucker

The Columbus Foundation


Computer Associates International, Inc.

Conoco Inc.

Cook's Tax & Accounting

CoreMatter, Inc.

Corn Products International

Cowell & Associates, Ltd.

Cozad Asset Management, Inc.

Crowe, Chizek and Company LLP

Cuda Company, Inc.

Cummins Engine Foundation

Deloitte & Touche Foundation

Deloitte and Touche LLP

Delta Sigma Pi

Deutsche Bank North America

Susan and Marvin Dickman Family

Divine InterVentures, Inc.

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company

The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Dryer Foundation

DST Systems, Inc.

The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation Foundation

Eaton Corporation

Elsevier Science Inc.

Emerson Electric Company

Enesco Corporation

Ernst & Young Foundation

Ernst & Young LLP

eTest, Inc.

Ethyl Corporation

ExxonMobil Corporation

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fairview State Banking Company

Federal Signal Corporation

Finova Group Inc.

First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.

The First Union Foundation

Fishman's Fabrics, Inc.

Flexible Steel Lacing Company

Flush, Inc.

FMC Foundation

Ford Motor Company Fund

Ford Motor Company

The Fort James Foundation

Fortune Brands, Inc.

Richard Frank Foundation

Franklin Financial Planning

Freddie Mac Foundation

Frost, Ruttenberg and Rothblatt, PC

Arthur J. Gallagher & Company

Ernest Gallo Foundation

Les Gardi, CPA, PA, Accounting Tax and Consulting Services Corporation

GE Corporate

General Atlantic Development Corporation

General Mills Foundation

Goldman Sachs & Company

Goodwine Funeral Homes, Inc.

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

W. W. Grainger, Inc.

Grant Thornton LLP

Grant Thornton Foundation

Green Mountain Gift Boutique

H & R Block Foundation

Hackett Family Foundation

Hanley Group, LP

Harris Bank

Harris Bank Foundation

Hartmarx Charitable Foundation

Health Care Management Corporation

Heartland Research Corporation

Heath Associates

The Jerold A. & Ruth Hecktman Family Foundation

Heller Financial Inc.

Hewitt Associates LLC

Hewlett-Packard Company

Honeywell Foundation, Inc.

Household International

Houston Chapter TSCPA Foundation

Hughes Electronics

HyperEdge Corporation

Hyperion Software

IBM Corporation

Illinois Health Care Association

Illinois Tool Works Foundation

Ingersoll-Rand International

Innovation Group, Ltd.

Irwin Family Foundation

J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

J. P. Morgan & Company Incorporated


Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

John Deere Foundation

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Johnston-Lemon Group, Incorporated

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.

Kansas City Southern Industries Incorporated

Mark L. Karno and Associates

Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Kavooras & Bouzios P.C.


Kemper National Insurance Companies

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc.

Kinder Morgan, Inc. Foundation

The Kiplinger Foundation

Knight-Ridder, Inc.



KPMG Foundation

KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation

Lambert Foundation, Inc.

LaSalle National Corporation

The Learning Shop Inc.

Anne P. Lederer Research Institute

Ezra Levin Foundation

Lewis Auto Glass, Inc.

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Lincoln Community Foundation

Lincoln National Corporation

Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP

Lucent Technologies

The Lumpkin Foundation

Madison Community Foundation

Mallinckrodt Inc.

Marketing Science Institute

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Marwais Steel Company

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

The May Department Stores Company Foundation

Maytag Corporation Foundation

McDonald's Corporation

RSM McGladrey, Inc.

The McGraw-Hill Foundation Inc.

Mead Family Foundation

The Medtronic Foundation

Meinert Foundation Inc.

Mellon Bank

The Merck Company Foundation

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.

Metropolitan Life Foundation

Microsoft Corporation

Kenneth Miller Associates, Inc.

Miller Managment LLC

Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing

Monsanto Fund

Moore Family Foundation

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Foundation

Moses Family Foundation Inc.

Motorola Foundation

Gary F. Mueller, CPA, PC

Nalco Chemical Company

Nanyang Technological University

National City Bank

National City Bank of Michigan/Illinois

National City Corporation

National Computer Systems

National Electronic Distributors Association

National Industrial Belting Association

National Service Foundation

Nationwide Foundation

NCR Foundation

Nicor Gas

Nixon Insurance Agency, Inc.

The Northern Trust Company

Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation, Inc.

OAS, Inc.

Organization Fund of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The Bob and Carol Passaneau Foundation

Paws Up Foundation

Penn, Schoen & Berland Assoc., Inc.

Pentair, Inc.

Peoples Energy Corporation

Peoria Area Community Foundation Depository

Pepsico Foundation Inc.

Anthony Petullo Foundation, Inc.

William T. Phares PC

Pharmacia & Upjohn Foundation

Phelps Dodge Foundation

Philip Morris Companies Inc.

Phillips Petroleum Foundation, Inc.

Phillips Tax Service

PipeVine, Inc.

Planning Specialists, Inc.

David and Cindy Pogrund Charities, Ltd.

PPG Industries Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The Procter & Gamble Fund

The Prudential Foundation

The Quaker Oats Foundation

Ralston Purina Company

Ramser-Morgan Foundation

Reuss Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Rexam Beverage Can Company

I. Lawrence Richardson and Associates, Inc.

RJR Nabisco Foundation

Rockwell International Corporation Trust

The Rosewood Corporation

Larry P. Ross, PC

Stanley J. Roszkowski & Associates

Saint Louis Community Foundation

Sara Lee Foundation

The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving

Science Applications International Corp.

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Shelton & Associates, Inc.

Madhuri & Jagdish N. Sheth Foundation

Shutt Roofing Co., Inc.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sprint Foundation

State Farm Companies Foundation

The Avy and Marcie Stein Foundation

Stotler Charitable Trust

Law Offices of Jerry Stout

The Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.

Sundstrand Corporation Foundation

SuperValu Foundation

Swanson & Associates, Ltd.


Texaco Foundation

Textron Charitable Trust

Thompson Land Company

The Tokarz Foundation, Inc.

Towers Perrin

Trans Union Credit Information Company


Tri Star Marketing, Inc.

Triangle Community Foundation, Inc.

Tribune Company

Trir Investments, Inc.

The Trustmark Foundation


Union Pacific Resources Group Inc.

United Parcel Service

United Technologies Corporation

United Way, Inc.

Unitrin, Inc.

Universal Studios

US West Foundation

USX Foundation Inc.

Utilicorp United, Inc.

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Vanguard Group, Inc.

Daniel P. Vargo & Associates PC

Verizon Foundation

The Peggy & Ellis Wachs Family Foundation

Walgreen Company

Wells Fargo Bank

Wenzel and Associates Ltd.

Whirlpool Foundation

Whitman Corporation Foundation


The Williams Companies, Inc.

The Winston-Salem Foundation

Jeff Wiss & Associates

Xerox Foundation

XTRA Corporation

Vernon K. and Marilyn Pflederer Zimmerman