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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Business Administration offers an undergraduate major in Business Process Management. Students in this major develop the aptitude to think deeply and critically about processes, think logically and use analytical approaches to solve problems. The curriculum includes courses in Process Management, Project Management, Process Improvement, Program Management, and Supply Chain Management. More information about the major can be found here.

BADM 374 - Business Decision Models

Introduction to methods of operations research from an executive or managerial viewpoint, emphasizing formulation of business problems in quantitative terms; industrial applications of linear programming, dynamic programming, game theory, probability theory, queuing theory, and inventory theory.

BADM 375 - Business Process Management

Explores methods of design and management of manufacturing and service business processes; central concepts include managing process-speed, -capacity, -inventory, and -uncertainty; additional topics include simultaneous product and process design, and an introduction to quality management, process improvement and lean thinking.

BADM 377 - Project Management

In-depth treatment of management concepts, tools, and techniques that apply to the organization, planning, and control of projects; particular emphasis on analyzing needs, defining work, scheduling tasks, allocating resources; assessing costs, managing risks; tracking and evaluating performance; and building and leading teams.

BADM 378 - Logistics Management

Treats the total flow of materials from their acquisition as basic or unprocessed supplies to delivery of the finished product, as well as the related counter-flows of information that both record and control material movement. Major topics include forecasting material requirements; transportation planning; order processing system; raw material, in-process and finished goods inventory management; packaging; in plant and field warehousing; location theory (space, time, and cost trade- offs); communications; and control.

BADM 379 - Business Process Improvement

The survival and growth of any organization requires the continuous improvement of its processes. This course focuses on philosophies and tools for enhancing customer-defined value created through processes. Contemporary process improvement programs are emphasized along with conventional ideas - topics include Statistical Quality Control, Value Stream Mapping, Total Quality Management, and Six Sigma.

Graduate Program

The college also has graduate degree programs in which principles, tools and techniques used to achieve operational excellence are emphasized. These include the traditional two-year MBAprogram, as well as a one year Master of Science in Technology Management program. The course work covered in these degree programs is given below:

BADM 565 - Design & Management of Service Systems

Focuses on unique challenges arising in services because customers cannot be separated from service creation and delivery processes; emphasizes integration of operations, marketing, and human resources management; and includes topics such as design/delivery of services, service quality/productivity, and strategic role of information technology in services.

BADM 566 - Supply Chain Management

Focuses on how to manage flows of products and services from raw material sources to final customers and associate flows of information. Helps students to develop a system view of measuring channel performance, integrating cross-functional activities, and coordinating processes across organizations.

BADM 567 - Process Management

Introductory course in decision-making problems in production; includes the theoretical foundations for production management as well as the applications of decision-making techniques to production problems in the firm; and considers production processes, plant layout, maintenance, scheduling, quality control, and production control in particular.

BADM 568 - Planning & Control Systems

In-depth treatment of concepts involved in designing and implementing planning and control systems within the context of a dynamic environment; particular emphasis on the systematic use of information to maintain the efficient flow of materials, utilization of people and technology, coordination with suppliers, and communication with customers.

BADM 589 - Project Management

The objective of this course is to master the principles of efficient project planning and control - needs analysis, work breakdown, scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and performance tracking and evaluation - within the timeframe and cost projections stated in the overview section. Concepts and techniques will be developed by navigating through a recent textbook in project management and through a popular project management software package. In addition, task teams of five members each will have the opportunity to hone skills through homework problem sets and a comprehensive project plan.

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