What should I know before buying a Mac?

Macs have conflicts with some of the applications most commonly used by faculty and staff in the College of Business; this list outlines the problems our users have experienced. Please review this list before making a final purchae decisiion.


  • Many users lack familiarity with MacOS X and get frustrated when they realize that it harder to use than an iPhone or iPad
  • Macs are more difficult to integrate with the Univeristy's Active Directory (used for all security and communication functions)


  • SAS is Windows-only
  • SPSS has both Mac and Windows versions, though most people are used to Windows
  • Microsoft Lync has a Mac client, but it is not full-featured
  • Visual Studio is Windows-only
  • Running Windows in Parallels forces an OS and application step by step installation (significantly longer setup times)
  • Parallels not as 'fast' as new Windows machine, so upgrading for a faster machine by getting Mac with Parallels may not be faster.


  • Trouble connecting to SQL databases


  • Audio settings for Microsoft Lync are difficult to use and do not function as well as in Windows; settings need to be changed every time
  • Cannot do Call Forwarding or delegation along with other functions used in Windows Lync
  • No headset or handset is completely functional; a couple 'mostly' work but they still have issues with answering a call or adjusting volume control from the headset