Get and Install Lync

Microsoft Lync is a Voice over IP program similar to Skype which enables students and faculty to communicate through conference calls, messages, or one-on-one calls. It uses the campuses Active Directory so it is easy to add contacts, and look up faculty and staff members’ phone numbers, provided you have their name or department.

Lync is the communication software used by the University of Illinois. You can download and configure it using these directions.

Step 1. Navigate to and click on the personal purchase icon at the top of the page.

Lync instructions

Step 2. Click on the Microsoft Product Offers link.

Lync instructions

Step 3. Scroll through the page until you see "Lync License & Download —Campus Agreement." It should be priced at $0.00. You will also need to specify whether you will be using a 64bit or 32bit copy of Windows (64-bit is the version installed by OIM).

Lync instructions

Step 4. When you click add to cart, you will be prompted to login with your netID and password to verify that you are a student. After verifying you will simply click on the "Check Out" and pay via credit card. When your payment is accepted you should receive an email confirmation of the purchase containing your serial number to activate Lync. This will also be displayed on the confirmation page on the webstore site as well.

Step 5. The download of Lync should be on the next page once you confirm your netID by logging in. There will be an .exe file along with a patch file. Download both of these, and make sure you use the one corresponding to your Operating System (i.e. 64 bit/32bit/Mac). Simply download and run the exe for Lync. After it installs, run the patch file you downloaded previously. This should complete the installation, and allow you to use Lync.

Step 6. Once downloaded you will need to simply start Lync and login with your username as:, and your AD password. Then you will have a message pop up prompting you for credentials. Your username this time will be only your netID and then then your AD password. This box might pop up twice, but don’t worry this is normal. Simply fill in the credentials again and you should be good to go.

Lync instructions

Step 7. If you have any questions regarding the software please visit for a thorough guide on its use on campus. If you require further instruction, at the bottom of the customer receipt you will see links to the directions for windows (outlined in green above), and the Mac operating system as well.