Lizbeth Bergquist
Director, Bergquist & Rossi, P.C.
7 years of tax experience

The majority of my career has been in the finance/treasury areas.  Several years ago, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge by working in international tax and transfer pricing.  After a while, I realized that I needed to enhance my overall knowledge of tax.  My boss attended a TEI conference and came across Illinois’ MS Tax program.  As we are both graduates of U of I’s College of Business, we were well aware of the school’s reputation for quality education.

The MS Tax Program exceeded my expectations.  The in-depth curriculum was taught by faculty who were leading practitioners in their fields enabling them to bring to class actual applications of complex tax issues and to share and discuss real life situations.  This made it easier to understand the practical application of the topic covered.  I also enjoyed the team approach as it added another dimension to the overall learning experience.  This approach not only allowed me to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of my fellow students, but provided support and encouragement when needed.  And then there was the MS Tax Program’s staff.  I don’t think any of us could have made it through without their help, support and encouragement.  This was a rigorous program that once completed, gave me a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Michael Broderick
Tax Manager, Tenneco Inc
6 years of tax experience

I researched multiple MST programs in the Chicago area and am so pleased I choose the Illinois MS Tax Program. The instructors are of the highest quality. They were able to use their vast experience in the tax industry to give practical examples of all we learned.  The knowledge I learned in the program has helped me tremendously in my present position. I have been able to apply the principles learned in the program directly to my responsibilities and have a much deeper knowledge of the overall tax function. Overall, the program exceeded all my expectations, and I recommend the program to all my fellow tax colleagues.

Marlon Dee
Manager, WTP Advisors
5 years of tax experience

Working for a growing entrepreneurial tax firm, I often encounter opportunities to work on projects outside of my area of focus. As a result, I recognized the need to broaden my tax technical knowledge beyond international tax, which pushed me to pursue my Masters in Tax. While this program certainly provided me with a solid foundation in additional areas of tax, it also helped me become a more well-rounded professional. A number of great speakers at the lyceum events and workshops focused on the soft-skills needed in order to succeed in today’s business environment. This greatly complimented the time spent in the classroom, collaborating and presenting with other team members.

The biggest strength of the program is the dedicated faculty, support staff, and speakers brought in throughout the year. With their help, the rigorous nature of the 12-month program shifted from daunting to manageable. While balancing the heavy course load and working full-time proved to be challenging, the network I established and the knowledge I gained will undoubtedly continue to benefit me throughout my career.

Kristen deMoulpied
Tax Senior Manager  , Deloitte
10+ years of tax experience

I made the decision to pursue my Masters in Taxation with the goal of taking a deeper dive into certain technical areas where I was already practicing and gaining a better knowledge of areas where I had less experience.  I also wanted the confidence to be able to serve my clients as a well-rounded tax professional with deep expertise in certain areas.  I knew the best way for me to do this was through a shorter, intense program.  The instructors are some of the best practitioners in their fields and are truly impressive.  They brought many valuable experiences into the classroom.  I especially appreciated the fact that certain classes solidified the knowledge and experiences I had already gained by applying lessons in new ways through projects and examples, while others gave me the opportunity to learn new subject areas.  Since the program’s completion, I have referred back to class materials and lessons learned in class on several occasions.  It was a tough year balancing a demanding career, school and starting a family, but it was an invaluable experience and was made so much easier by the program directors, instructors and staff.  They helped each student, as needed, which allowed each or us to focus on the important aspects of the classes and program.  I couldn’t imagine that any other program would have allowed me to achieve my goals.  I am extremely proud to have accomplished this.

Mihoko Shiraishi
Senior Associate, KPMG LLP
5 years of tax experience

After a few years of considering whether to go back to school in light of the demands of my current work position, I am very glad I made my decision to enroll in the Illinois MS Tax Program. Although my decision was mainly based on the fact that it was a one-year program which met on Fridays and Saturdays, it turned out that the program exceeded my expectations in many ways. The program covers a complete range of topics in a practical manner, and included those that I see every day, as well as, those I had only touched on during my career. In addition to learning the history and background of important tax legislation, we were kept up-to-date about where current tax legislation was likely headed. I also liked the variety of faculty, from the renowned professors from Champaign to the experienced tax professionals from top accounting firms. They understood that the students had full-time jobs and came to the program with different backgrounds, and they were eager to help each student be successful, both inside and outside the classroom. The program was also designed to develop and strengthen our soft skills, such as communication, which are imperative to career advancement.  The MS Tax Program is challenging and rewarding, and I truly believe I was able to be successful because of the support of my classmates and the program’s staff.   It was an amazing experience, and definitely worth the time and effort to invest in the program.