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Margolis Market Information Lab
1029 Business Instructional Facility
515 E. Gregory Drive
Champaign, IL 61820






Margolis Market Information Lab
Software Proficiencies Certification Program

Would you like to develop a mastery of various financial software tools?

The Margolis Market Information Lab features a variety of software products used by Accounting Firms, Investment Banks, Consulting Firms, Trading Institutions and other organizations that hire University of Illinois students.

Students at the University of Illinois are able to obtain a certificate indicating successful completion of various financial and business software classes and tutorials.

During the Spring 2014 semester, the MIL Software Proficiencies Certification Program includes three sets of certifications. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Prior to enrolling in the program please carefully review the PROGRAM RULES AND POLICIES and FAQs!!

  • To enroll in the certification program click here. Students who are not enrolled will not be able to take certification quizzes in the MIL.  You only need to enroll once to be eligible to participate in all certification levels.

  • You can take certification quizzes in the MIL on any Sunday from 2/2 to 5/4 (except for 3/23 and 3/30) between 1:00PM and 7:00 PM. The last time to start a quiz is 6:00 PM.  Prior to taking a quiz you must have attended the corresponding class (e.g., if you want to sit for the Bloomberg 101 quiz you must have attended the Bloomberg 101 class during the same school year.) You must complete the series of quizzes outlined in the table below in order to receive an electronic copy of your certificate (we do not issue paper certificates).

  • All test takers must show their NetID and sign in at the MIL front desk.

In order to successfully complete a certification level, you must take all classes and pass the exam for each class. 


Basic Certification Intermediate Certification Advanced Certification
Markets Markets Markets
- Bloomberg 101 - Bloomberg 104 - Bloomberg 301
- Bloomberg 102 - Bloomberg 105  
- Bloomberg 103 - Rotman Interactive Trader 101  
Corporate Finance Corporate Finance Corporate Finance
- Capital IQ 101 - Capital IQ 202 - Capital IQ 301
- Moody's KMV 101 - KMV 102 - Crystal Ball 103
Risk Management Risk Management Risk Management
- Crystal Ball 101 - Crystal Ball 102 - Crystal Ball 104
- Matlab 101   - Matlab 202
Wealth Management   - Matlab 300
- Morningstar Direct 101    



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