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Research Methods Resources

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Cultural Consensus Model Resources

Kimball Romney Publications website
Steve Borgotti Publications website
Shane Mueller Publications website

pdf - Romney, Weller & Batchelder, American Anthropologist, 1986
pdf - Borgotti & Carboni, Organizational Research Methods, 2007
pdf - Weller, Field Methods, 2007
pdf - Mueller & Veinott, Cognitive Science Society Proceedings, 2008
pdf - Keller & Loewenstein, Organization Science, 2011

Materials from Academy of Management 2011 Professional Development Workshop, Knowing How West Meets East:
pdf - Loewenstein introductory handout on CCM
pdf - Borgotti & Halgin CCM notes
pdf - Mueller introductory handout on Cultural Mixture Modeling
R code - Mueller commented R code for running CMM model on the workshop survey data
csv file - Mueller survey data file to use with the R code

Statistical simulations
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics Simulations

Online resources for running simple statistical tests
SISA: Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis
Chang Bioscience calculators list
Research randomizer

Online resources from academic societies
Research Methods Division, Academy of Management
Methodology Section of the American Sociological Association
Evaluation, Measurement, Statistics Divison of the American Psychological Association
Social psychology network's research methods links
Society for Judgement and Decision Making links

Commentary and specialized tools by researchers
Kristopher Preacher's website
David Kenny's website
William Shadish's website
Roger Bakeman's programs
Richard Darlington's website
Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis
Zongker's presentation advice

Statistical software tutorials
UT Division of Statistics and Scientific Computation Tutorials
UCLA Statistical Computing Guides

Online statistical textbooks and guides
StatNotes (a pretty broad collection)
Statsoft (a pretty broad collection)
Dallal's Little Handbook of Statistical Practice (learn some nutrition while you’re at it)
Palaeontological Association's PalaeoMath Home Page (learn some paleontology while you’re at it)
Becker's SPSS course (old)
Jones, Gould and Subramanian's resources for multilevel modeling
Shackman's quantitative methods resources
Trochim's methods resources

A sampling of online automated text analysis sites
General Inquirer
Latent Semantic Analysis

Online modeling resources
PopTools (Excel add-in)

A small sampling of online resources with archival data
General Social Survey
World Values Survey
FIVE project

A means for generating nationally representative survey data
Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS)

Sample resources for background/classic information from disciplines related to Management
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Online
Dierkes' listing of sociology resources
Classics in the history of psychology
Intute's psychology links
History of economic thought

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