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The College of Business gladly extends this free e-mail service, hosted by Microsoft, to alumni, students, and faculty/staff of the College of Business. Employers, associates, and friends will appreciate seeing your affiliation to the University of Illinois and our College whenever you reference your "@bus.illinois.edu" address.

For current students, your ILLINOIS lifetime email address is the best way to represent yourself professionally in job shadowing, mentoring programs, résumés, and communication with recruiters, alumni, and external associates.

There are just a few simple steps to register for your personal account. Please click one of the options below:

The College's Terms of Use governing these Alumni E-Mail Services can be found here.

Feel free to contact Business Alumni Affairs (alumniaffairs@business.illinois.edu or 217-244-6669) if you need assistance.

If you already have a Lifetime E-mail account...
Please send any inquiry about password related issues to Business Alumni Affairs (alumniaffairs@business.illinois.edu), write down your email address or phone number to contact. Do not send the inquiry to the Microsoft Help Desk since they will be forwarding your request to us and we may not have any current contact address/phone to follow up with you.

On February 6, 2013 the College of Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has completed moving to the new Microsoft Office 365 service offering for its Lifetime E-Mail system. Your Lifetime E-mail account has now been upgraded to Microsoft Office 365, it has your favorite Office features online.

The upgrade does not affect your email access as well as your mailbox.

The new URL to login is http://mail.bus.illinois.edu or http://mail.office365.com/

When you have cached your previous login (before the upgrade date), you may see the following and hence please forward by clicking "Sign in with a different user ID" link.

Users who have cached their logon information
  • previously signed in to Outlook.com, i.e. before the upgrade, but have not yet signed out , or
  • previously sign-in using Outlook.com, but got rejected since the account is an Office365 account, no longer a live.com (outlook.com) account.
will have received errors when signing in like the following.

When you see this error, click "here" to logout.

The next page (after you log-out or click "here" in the previous step) shows you the Microsoft Outlook.com sign-in page, however, DO NOT sign in on this Microsoft Outlook page. Go to Microsoft Office365's sign-in page at http://mail.bus.illinois.edu or http://mail.office365.com/ to sign in. You will see the following page to login (as of March 2013):