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Business Measurement Case Development and Research Program


    The cases, prospectus and teaching notes are listed that have been developed thus far through grants obtained during the first submission period. The case development projects funded under the program are collaborative arrangements between KPMG's engagement teams and teams of professors who specialize in accounting, auditing, and business strategy.

    2000 case grant recipients
    1999 case grant recipients
    1998 case grant recipients



    A listing of prospectuses.


    Cases in Strategic-
    Systems Auditing

    Table of contents and prefatory material from the recently published Case Book

    Chapter 1 of the case book which is an extension of the thinking in the Strategic-Systems Lens monograph

    Chapter 2 of the case book that is a pedagogical tool which facilitates classroom usage of the eight cases funded under round 1 of the KPMG and ILLINOIS Business Measurement Case Development and Research Program


    KPMG's Business
    Measurement Process

    The 21st Century Public Company Audit, a new monograph co-authored by Timothy B. Bell (KPMG LLP), Mark E. Peecher and Ira Solomon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) discusses conceptual underpinnings of risk assessment, evidence gathering, and other professional judgment activities that are pervasive in 21st century public company audits.

    Information technology is bringing dramatic changes to business models and strategies, to business processes, and to business measurement, including accounting. Such changes necessitate fundamental and pervasive reconsideration of financial-statement audit technology. In a monograph entitled, Auditing Organizations Through a Strategic-Systems Lens, two leading practitioners and two leading scholars present their thinking on the foundations of auditing technology for the twenty-first century. KPMG's Business Measurement Process is used therein to illustrate key concepts and ideas.

    Research Projects

    A listing of funded research projects, faculty and a brief description of the project.


    Advisory Board

    A special thank you to the members of the Board of Advisors.



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    Program Sponsors and Key Contacts

    Timothy B. Bell
    formerly Director, Audit & Advisory Services Center

    Scott Showalter
    formerly Partner - Industry Sector Leader
    KPMG LLP Public Services Sector

    Ira Solomon
    R. C. Evans Endowed Chair in Business
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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