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Management Skills

Below is a list of the most frequently cited skills of effective managers. This survey is the assessment of more than 500 mid-level and upper managers in about 150 organizations:

Most Frequently Cited Skills of Effective Managers

  1. Verbal communication (especially the ability to listen and give counsel)
  2. Managing time and stress
  3. Managing individual decisions
  4. Recognizing, defining, and solving problems
  5. Motivating and influencing others
  6. Delegating
  7. Setting goals that are operational
  8. Self-awareness
  9. Team building
  10. Managing conflict
  11. Ability to give a formal presentation
  12. Patience and respect toward others
  13. Analytic abilities and technical competence
  14. Hard work and enthusiasm
  15. Knowledge of (defining) the business
  16. A strong disciplinary background (e.g., accounting) and the ability to integrate specialized knowledge in management, finance, and marketing
  17. Ability to write effective reports
  18. Strategic planning
  19. Tolerance and adaptability to change
  20. Bottom line: Managing entails working with people

The strategic management course has traditionally emphasized the ability to integrate specialized knowledge in management, accounting, finance, and marketing. This course will not only follow in the tradition of encouraging synthetic abilities but will also emphasize analytical abilities and the development of analytic tools in management.

Last Update: January 05, 2006