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Commerce InSight is published three times a year by the University of Illinois Commerce Alumni Association and the Commerce Office of Publication. The spring issue is sent to all Commerce alumni. The other two issues will be sent only to members of the Commerce Alumni Association. Commerce Administration: Howard Thomas, Dean; Ronald Costello, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Affairs; Mary Porter, Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations. Publication Staff: Alice Waldoff, Director of Publications and Editor in Chief; Janet Fitch, Assistant Editor; Cindy Carlson of Carlson Communications, Art Director.

Commerce Alumni Board of Directors: Howard S. Engle, president; Thomas H. Cartwright, vice president; Lawrence B. Bloom; Bruce L. Boruszak; Steven J. Bowsher; Carolyn A. Boyle; John F. Carter; Scott Christensen; Diana L. Dittman; Robert Filek; Kelly Foster; David Gilmartin; Ronald M. Hamelberg, Thomas Harrington; A. Joseph Judd; Jean M. Kruger; John Lassiter; Rebeca S. Maskey; Lester H. McKeever,Jr.; Diane M. Pearse; Margaret A. Penar; Patrick E. Rea; William N. Scheffel; David G. Siebert; Marc S. Skaletsky; William A. Stanford; Howard L. Stone; Cedric D. Thurman; Jeff Wilson

This publication was printed without the use of state funds.

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