The Year in Review

It was a very good year! That's the way we look back on FY 99. By continuing to build on past accomplishments and ceaselessly striving for the best of all possible futures, CBA has enjoyed a year of singular achievement and success.


Stellar undergraduates continue to be the order of the day. Their excellence is reflected in the top-ten ranking of the CBA undergraduate program, as well as their high level of job placement, and the impact they make on the college, campus, and community. Continuous improvement has always been a hallmark of this college, exemplified in such groundbreaking past achievements as Project Discovery, the daring new curriculum which has gone on to become the standard for accounting education. For the last two years we have examined the entire undergraduate curriculum looking for ways to incorporate technology and globalization. To remain strong we must embrace change. And we do!

The activities of the departments and other college units are summarized in the following pages. You will see that it has been a busy and productive year. Our faculty members continue to garner professional honors and recognition through publication, editorships of major scholarly journals, presidencies of professional associations, awards, and research grants. Since the start of Campaign Illinois the college has secured commitments for sixteen endowed chairs or professorships, bringing the total number in the college to thirty. A superb faculty is at the heart of every great institution of higher learning. These chairs help us attract and retain the best.

This has been a very successful year in the area of fundraising, as you will see from the stories throughout this publication — the college has been especially enriched over the past year by an extraordinary array of new scholarship endowments. The Annual Fund has successfully met and exceeded its $1 million goal for the last two years. We have forged closer and strong ties with a number of alumni in many areas through new Round Table activities and other alumni events.

And, not least, the year has been marked by the beginning of a general renovation to Commerce West, made possible by a gift from Al and Jane Wohlers. Preliminary work started last December, but the dust really began to fly at the end of spring semester. Doing major renovations in an occupied classroom building is no small feat. Everyone has been pulling together to make this work. We are in the thick of it now and eagerly await the dedication and renaming of the building scheduled for next fall.

While there are, of course, improvements that we would like to make if we had more resources — smaller classes, for example — we are very proud of our success. This has been a very good year.

Chairs and Named

Arthur Andersen Professorship in Accountancy
Fred S. Bailey Memorial Chair in Finance
Harry J. Brandt Distinguished
Professorship in Financial
Markets and Options

Commerce Distinguished Alumni
Professorship (2)

Deloitte & Touche Professorship
in Accountancy

Ernst & Young Distinguished
Professorship in Accountancy

Robert C. Evans Endowed Chair in Commerce
Stanley C. and Joan J. Golder Distinguished Chair in Corporate Finance
Harry J. Gray Professorship in
Executive Leadership

Leonard C. and Mary Lou Hoeft Endowed Chair in Commerce and Business Administration
Investors in Business Education
Distinguished Professorship (4)

Investors in Business Education
Distinguished Service Chair

Irwin Jecha Distinguished

John M. Jones Professorship
in Marketing

William G. Karnes Professorship in Mergers and Acquisitions
William S. Kinkead Distinguished
Professorship in Economics

KPMG Distinguished Professorship in Accountancy
A.C. Littleton Professorship
in Accountancy

William B. McKinley Professorship in Economics and Public Utilities
Office of Real Estate Research Professorship
Professorship in Accountancy

H.T. Scovill Professorship in

C. Clinton Spivey Distinguished Professorship
Walter H. Stellner Professorship
in Marketing

Grant Thornton Associate
Professorship in Accountancy

James F. Towey Distinguished
Professorship in Strategic