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Easy Choice

Adrienne Frank, MS in Finance Student

Adrienne Frank graduated from the College of Business in 2002 and became an analyst at CDW Corporation in northern Illinois. She considered all her options when she decided to pursue a graduate degree. After reading an article in the College of Business magazine, Perspectives, about the MS in Finance program, she was sure it would be a good fit.

"I knew I wanted more specialized financial knowledge than I would be able to obtain with an MBA, so I began looking at obtaining a Masters of Science in Finance. I was pleased to find out that of the schools offering such a program, U of I was the best in terms of academics and reputation. My choice was easy!"

Frank cites several advantages to the MSF program. The first is that the program takes her away from work for only one year. And the credentials and knowledge of the faculty are first rate. She's been impressed with their accessibility and their attention to the students in the program. "They genuinely care that each of us understands the concepts and theories behind what we're learning," she says. Another plus: the cost of living in Champaign is substantially lower than Chicago or New York City.

"I believe my time here has well-prepared me to begin my new position as a Financial Analyst for Motorola this June. I'm proud to be a double alumna of University of Illinois!"

The College of Business at Illinois is one of the premier business programs in the country. Outstanding faculty, world-class corporate partners, and smart and challenging students combine for an educational experience that is second to none. The College offers an MBA, Executive MBA, and MS degrees in finance and in technology management. Multiple graduate degrees in accountancy are offered. Each of the three academic departments offers a PhD. A degree from Illinois is a smart investment in a bright future.

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