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Consumer Options

Madhu Viswanathan, Associate Professor of Business Administration

Four billion people live in poverty. To date, the global marketplace has offered few consumer options to the poor.

Associate Professor of Business Administration Madhu Viswanathan, building on his previous research on literacy, poverty, and marketplace behavior by Indian and US consumers, will teach a new course for graduate students that will explore this largely untapped consumer group and develop new products targeting them.

Director of the non-profit Marketplace Literacy Project, Viswanathan is uniquely qualified to lead the new two-course sequence of classes that will offer students an opportunity to work on a cross-functional team that will develop a product concept, manufacturing plan, and marketing strategy for a product intended for the subsistence market.

Viswanathan is the author of numerous articles and a book, "Measurement Error and Research Design" (Sage, 2005). He teaches courses in in marketing research, measurement and research design, and product and market development for subsistence marketplaces.

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