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E-Commerce Success

Michael Shaw, Professor of Business Administration

Business success online take more than just a concept, says Mike Shaw, Hoeft Endowed Chair in Information Systems, who, along with Judith Gebauer, studied the online wine industry. "You need to consider factors such as regulation." Various regulations, which vary by state and are therefore difficult to change, torpedoed early attempts to sell wine online.

Shaw points out that established companies leverage the learning curve of start-ups. "As soon as you become more successful, the existing companies will use their advantages to try to take your advantages away," says Shaw. "Some people characterize that as a premature business model."

Shaw and Gebauer found that companies like Office Depot often have great success when they link their "brick and mortar" resources to their online presence. "It's really about making service better. It's not about a brand-new solution."

Shaw conducts research projects with Motorola, John Deere, IBM, Ford, and Caterpillar and teaches courses in electronic commerce, managing information technology, database management, and information systems.

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