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Negotiating Savvy

Gregory Northcraft, Professor of Business Administration

Did you negotiate the last time you were offered a job? Greg Northcraft's research shows that most applicants don't, generally because they fear conflict or leaving a negative impression.

The goal of any negotiation is to claim as much value as possible for yourself, says Northcraft, co-author of the book Get Paid What You Are Worth. Preparation, research, and knowing your personal interests are the key ways for any job applicant to conduct a successful negotiation.

Negotiators have to remember to keep in mind the other side's interests in addition to their own. Good negotiators, says Northcrat, ask "What's it going to take to get the other side to say 'Yes'? If you know what the other side is looking for, you can help them see what they are looking for in what you are offering them. That's what will get them to say 'Yes!' and get you what you want."

Greg Northcraft is the Harry Gray Professor of Executive Leadership. He researches conflict management and negotiation, managerial decision making, and collaboration in teams.

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