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Money Man

Charles Kahn, Professor of Finance

Prolific researcher Charles Kahn is interested in money, specifically payment systems in the modern economy that have blossomed with new technology. A consultant to the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Cleveland, Kahn says understanding the consequences of these new systems is pretty exciting. "It gets even more interesting when you start talking about the ways that they can be abused - identify theft, money laundering, frauds of various sorts."

The Bailey Memorial Chair of Money, Banking, and Finance has the same enthusiasm for his students and keeps his classes lively by bringing in articles from newspaper and magazines to start a discussion with his students. A believer in real-world examples, Kahn has won several teaching awards.

Also a professor in the Department of Economics, Kahn teaches courses in financial institutions, information and uncertainty, and game theory to graduate students in the MS in Finance program as well as the MBA program.

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