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Aaron Brooks, MBA Alumnus
Managing Director, Hudson Financial Solutions

When you want to talk about the pulse of the workforce, Aaron Brooks is your man.

As managing director of Chicago’s Hudson Financial Solutions, Brooks is the corporate spokesperson for The Hudson Employee Index, a monthly workforce report that tracks and measures the U.S. workforce’s overall confidence in the employment market. He speaks regularly on topics such as hiring trends, job satisfaction, and career opportunities.

Hudson Financial Solutions is part of larger publicly traded organization called Hudson Highland Group (NASDAQ: HHGP), a global consulting and human capital company. Brooks assists industry leaders with solutions to the complex issues surrounding internal audits, mergers, and other accounting and finance projects.

A passionate go-getter, he was promoted to managing director within five months of joining Hudson, a move he says is as much a testament to the organization as it is to his skills and abilities. He credits his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Illinois for teaching him the many lessons he has used to succeed.

“After getting my MBA, I notice I look at the world differently,” says Brooks. “I solve problems differently, watch TV differently, and approach many tasks with a perspective that I didn’t have even after working for five years.” For example, he says that he’ll readily cut a problem into pieces, not only suggesting a solution, but deciphering why it makes sense, and figuring out a roadmap to get there.

Brooks is a member of the MBA Alumni Association Board in Chicago. He is also involved with University activities and says he will continue to be throughout his career.

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