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Finance 419 - Real Client Managed Portfolio

Finance 579 - Applied Portfolio Management

The Real Client Managed Portfolio course (Finance 419 at the undergraduate level and Finance 579 at the graduate level) is offered in two sections, RCMP I and RCMP II. Enrollment is limited to 25 students in each section. An admission screening process will be used to determine who will be invited to enroll in the class. Section II is only open to students who have completed section I.

Course Objective:

The Real Client Managed Portfolio class applies traditional academic topics of financial markets, security analysis/valuation and portfolio management to the "real world" of hands-on investment management. We will be responsible for the management of a substantial sum of money to be invested in equities Students will meet with the investment client(s), to form and review objectives, constraints, and investment policy as it relates to the clients' money under management. They will research, recommend, and purchase securities. The positions will be monitored and recommendations for any adjustments to the holdings will be made. Performance evaluation and reporting will comply with industry standards.

Students will be educated and responsible to the fiduciary and ethical standards of professional money management as guided by the CFA Institute. This course will allow students to apply the knowledge gained from prerequisite investment courses and their experience in managing a simulated portfolio with UISES to the task of managing "real money".

Attendance at all classes and activities is compulsory. There will be "field trips" to visit the offices of professional money managers so having a car will be a plus. Guest speakers will present to class as can be arranged. Professional courtesy, conduct and decorum will be expected from students at all functions. Verbal and written communication and presentation skills will be required. Research reports will be presented by student analysts in an open forum. Each student will be assigned a functional group and duty within that group to perform. Details will be provided in class.

(3 hours undergraduate course credit)

The University of Illinois, College of Business, Department of Finance is very fortunate in being able to offer this course to a select group of undergraduate students committed to a career in the area of investment research and management.

This course requires a level of dedication far beyond the level and time required for achievement of grade or credit hours toward graduation.

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