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Narasimhan Jegadeesh


Research coAuthored with College of Business Faculty

Journal Articles

"Earnings Quality and Stock Returns." K. Chan, K. Chan, N. Jegadeesh, J. Lakonishok, Journal of Business, (79) 4 2006

"World markets for raising New Capital." B. Henderson, N. Jegadeesh, M. Weisbach, Journal of Financial Economics, online 3/30/06 2006
SSRN Abstract

"Value of Analyst Recommendation: International Evidence." W. Kim, N. Jegadeesh, 2006

"The Accrual Effect on Future Earnings." K. Chan, N. Jegadeesh, T. Sougiannis, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, (22) March: 97-121 2004

"The Timing and Value of Forecast and Recommendation Revisions." Z. Ivkovich, N. Jegadeesh, Journal of Financial Economics, (73) 433-463 2004

"Analyzing the Analysts: When do Recommendations Add Value?." N. Jegadeesh, J. Kim, S. Krische, C. Lee, Journal of Finance, (59) June: 3 1083 - 1124 2004

"The Profitability of Momentum Strategies." K. Chan, N. Jegadeesh, J. Lakonishok, Financial Analysts Journal, November: 80-90 1999

"The Behavior of Interest Rates Implied by the Term Structure of Eurodollar Futures." G. Pennacchi, N. Jegadeesh, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 1996

Working Papers

"World Markets for Raising New Capital." M. Weisbach, N. Jegadeesh, [Working Paper] 2004


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