Seymour Sudman
Walter H. Stellner Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Deputy Director and Research Professor, Survey Research Laboratory

Department of Business Administration, College of Business

Degrees | Positions | Publications | Honors | Academic Service | Teaching/Research
Ph.D. Business, University of Chicago, 1962
B.S. Mathematics, Roosevelt University, 1949.
Positions Held
At the University of Illinois since 1968. Acting head, Department of Business Administration, 1981, 1993. Professor of sociology, 1968-present. Director of sampling/senior study director, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago, 1962-68.
Recent Publications
"Cognitive Aspects of Organizational Reporting," with J. Phillips, American Statistical Association 1994 Proceedings of the Section on Survey Research Methods (forthcoming). Marketing Research: A Problem Solving Approach, with Edward Blair (New York McGraw Hill, 1997). Thinking About Answers: The Application of Cognitive Processes to Survey Methodology, with N. M. Bradburn and N. Schwarz (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1996). "The Survey Reinterview: Respondent Perceptions and Response Strategies," with J. Blair, Journal of Official Statistics, Vol. 12 (1996). Answering Questions: Methodology for Determining Cognitive and Communicative Processes in Survey Research, editor with Norbert Schwarz (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1996). "When Experts Disagree: Discussion of Papers by Jacoby and Stewart," Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, Vol. 14 (1995). Applications of Cognitive Science to Survey Methodology, with N. Bradburn and N. Schwarz (San Francisco: Jossey Bass, 1995). "How Well do You Know Your Partner? Strategies for Formulating Proxy Reports and their Effects on Convergence to Self-Reports," with G. Menon, B. Bickart, and J. Blair, Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 32 (February 1995). Autobiographical Memory and the Validity of Retrospective Reports, editor with N. Schwarz (New York: Springer-Verlag, 1994). "Sampling," in Basic Principles of Marketing Research, R. Bagozzi, ed. (London: Blackwell, 1994). "A Comparison of Self- and Proxy-Reporting," with B. Bickart, J. Blair, and G. Menon, in Autobiographical Memory and the Validity of Retrospective Reports, Sudman and Schwarz, eds. (New York: Springer-Verlag, 1994).
Honors and Awards
Fellow, American Statistical Association, 1983. Recipient of the American Association for Public Opinion Research Award, 1987.
Academic Service
Chair, American Statistical Association Section on Survey Research Methods, 1995 and American Statistical Association Working Group on the Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System, 1995-present. Census Bureau Advisory Committee, American Statistical Association, 1988-94. Organizing Committee, 1990 International Conference and Monograph on Measurement Errors in Surveys, 1989-91. Policy Board, Association for Consumer Research, 1982-90. Chair, Standards Committee, American Association for Public Opinion Research, 1987-8. President, Central Illinois Section, American Marketing Association, 1973. Member of the Board of Directors, American Statistical Association. Co-editor, Polls Section, Public Opinion Quarterly, 1988-present. Advisory editor, Evaluation Research, 1983-present. On the Board of Advisory Editors of Social Science Research, 1978-present. Associate editor of the Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1986-91.
Teaching and Research
Research and teaching interest are in marketing research methods, especially as related to the design of survey questionnaires and the careful sampling of populations of interest. Major uses of marketing research include new product development, measuring the effectiveness of advertising and promotion campaigns, and measuring customer satisfaction. The results of marketing research are strongly influenced by who is asked and how questions are worded. New technologies such as answering machines and the World Wide Web create new problems and opportunities for market researchers. Professor Sudman works to develop new procedures that take new technologies as well as new discoveries in cognitive psychology into account. Has served as a consultant to the Physician's Payment Review Commission; U.S. Department of Education; Urban Institute, S.U.N.Y. Buffalo; National Opinion Research Center, UCLA; University of California at San Francisco; University of Florida; Centers for Disease Control; Research Triangle Institute; U.S. Bureau of the Census; National Academy of Sciences; and the Social Science Research Council.

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