Lee J. Alston
Professor of Economics, Political Science and Government and Public Affairs

Department of Economics, College of Business

Degrees | Positions | Publications | Honors | Academic Service | Teaching/Research
Ph.D., M.A., University of Washington, 1978, 1975
B.A. Indiana University, 1973
Positions Held
At the University of Illinois since 1988. Director, Center for International Business Education and Research, 1996-99. Research associate, National Bureau of Economic Research. Faculty affiliate, Institute for Environmental Studies, 1995-present. Professor, U.S. Business School in Prague, May 1994-present. Associate professor of economics, Williams College, 1978-89.
Recent Publications
"Were Postbellum Agricultural Labor Markets Competitive?", with K. Kauffman, in Explorations in Economic History (forthcoming). "Property Rights to Land and Land Reform: Legal Inconsistencies and the Sources of Violent Conflict in the Brazilian Amazon," with G. D. Libecap and B. Mueller in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2000). "History Matters," in Privatization in Latin America and Eastern Europe and Russia, eds. W.Baer and J. Love (Edward Elgar Publishing Co., 2000). Paternalism and the Rise of the American Welfare State: Economics, Politics, and Institutions in the U.S. South, 1865-1965, with J.P. Ferrie (Cambridge University Press, 1999). Titles and Land Use: The Development of Property Rights on the Brazilian Amazon, with G. D. Libecap and B. Mueller (University of Michigan Press, 1999). "A Model of Rural Conflict: Violence and Land Reform Policy in Brazil, " with G. D. Libecap and B. Mueller, in Environment and Development Economics, Vol. 4 (1999), pp. 135-60. "Un Analisis Economico de la Violencia y el Conflicto en Brazil," with G. D. Libecap and B. Mueller, in Corrupcion, Crimen y Justicia: Una Perspectiva Economica, M. Cardenas and R. Steiner, eds. (Bogota, Colombia: Fedesarrollo, Asociacion Latinoamericana y del Caribede Economia, 1998). "Property Rights and Land Conflict: A Comparison of Settlement of the U.S. Western and Brazilian Amazon Frontiers", with G. D. Libecap and B. Mueller, in Latin American and the World Economy Since 1800, J. H. Coatsworth and A.M. Taylor, eds. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998).
Honors and Awards
Research economist, National Bureau of Economic Research, since 1995. NSF grants, 1995-96, 1992-94 and 1987-90. World Bank grant, 1992-93. Fellowship, Australian National University, 1986-87. Fellow, Agricultural History Center, University of California-Davis, 1985-86. Adsit Fellow, 1981-82. Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma.
Academic Service
Member of the editorial board of Journal of Economic History. NSF Panel for Economics
Teaching and Research
Teaches economic history and institutions and institutional change. Member of campus honors faculty and Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program. Recent research includes an examination of the impact of uncertain legal tenure on land use in the Brazilian Amazon and the effects of paternalism on 19th century American Agriculture.

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