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Brown, Jeffrey Social security reform, terrorism insurance, financing retirement/pensions, long-term care insurance 217-333-3322
Kahn, Charles Banking, bank regulation, payment systems, auctions 217-333-2813
Kindt, John Gambling issues, addictions, drunk driving statutes, bankruptcy law 217-333-6018
Pennacchi, George Financial institutions, banking, bank competition, pension funds, pension guarantees, consumer lending, interest rates 217-244-0952
Poteshman, Allen Options market 217-265-0565
Sinow, David Financing emerging business 217-265-4083
Sougiannis, Theodore Stock valuation, financial accounting and reporting 217-244-0555
Weisbenner, Scott 401 Ks and other corporate retirement programs, stock-based employee compensation, corporate dividend and share repurchase strategies, investment strategies, estate taxes 217-333-0872
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