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Jain Journal is an English language quarterly devoted to the publication of research on Jainology.
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In the past 30+ years, under the editorship of the late Ganesh Chand Lalwani, Jain Journal has published original, scholarly research on Jainism. This includes Jain history, art, archaeology, philosophy, theology -- contributions in all areas of Jain studies are welcome. The present editor of Jain Journal is Dr. Satya Ranjan Banerjee. A respected scholar, Dr. Banerjee is Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bengal and a Professor at Calcutta University.

$200 will get you a life-time subscription to Jain Journal, a Hindi publication, Titthayar and a Bengali publication Sraman, all devoted to discussion of Jainology and the printing of many Jain works not otherwise available easily. A lifetime subscription for just the English and Hindi publications should be about $175. The English version alone is $150.

For subscriptions in India only, the rates are: 1 year Rs 60, 3 years Rs 180 and lifetime Rs 2000 for Jain Journal.

Cheques should be sent to:
The Editor,
Jain Journal,
Jain Bhavan,
P 25 Kalakar St.,
Calcutta 700007,

2. Request for materials

We request scholars/writers to consider Jain Journal as a possible outlet for their works of research and scholarship. The first requirement is that the article be scholarly i.e. it should be non-polemical and non-partisan, the second is that it be about Jainism or Jain studies or about Jainology broadly defined or about Jain society and community -- in particular, the editor and the publishers are very interested in articles about the diaspora communities as long as they are sober, thoughtful and well-researched and well-written. Articles about Jain life are topics of great interest to the editors.

In past issues of Jain Journal professional scholars, learned lay Jains and munis have contributed articles on a wide variety of topics. Art traditional and modern, as in paintings of Jain tirthas (Indra Dugar), modern depictions of Jinas (J.S Bothra) reproductions of Jain manuscripts etc. have all graced the pages of this Journal. Conference notices, conference reports, other community news that may of interest to a world-wide audience are also welcome. However, these event notices should concern events of widespread and general interest or at a very high level of scholarship -- scholarly conferences where papers on Jainism are presented, the annual conferences of Jains in different countries, Jain retreats of broad interest etc. Published research articles or working papers may also be brought to the attention of the editors for inclusion in the notices.

3. Request for Support

To continue publishing a high quality, serious journal takes a lot of work. The first and foremost requirement is the flow of articles -- we need good, carefully done work in some quantity. Fortunately, with the contributions of scholars, and given the richness of material available, this will not be an insuperable problem. Second, from a point of publication quality and efficiency, all three Journals badly needs to enter the computer age. Proper editing of the three will require specialized software that handles the complex typographic requirements of pphonetic notation. Some equipment has been donated. However, working capital is always an issue -- people have to be trained, software purchased and updated, and of course ongoing expenses of publishing hard copy have to be met. Publishing graphics with suitable fidelity remains an expensive proposition. Your subscriptions to any or all three of the journals will help all three Journals as they all share common editorial and computing respources. Your subscription will not only show your support for such scholarly activity, it will also enable Jain Journal to continue its good work with much needed financial support.

In addition to considering a personal subscription, I would encourage/request individuals to encourage their local Jain Sangha maybe to take up a collection and acquire one or two subscriptions per Sangha -- maybe one copy for the derasar/temple and one for the local public library.

4. Additional Information and Disclaimer

Any money raised by Jain Journal, Titthayar and Sraman will not in any way be used for any of the activities of Jain Bhavan other than for the benefit of the journals.

Jain Journal, Titthayar and Sraman are all publications of Jain Bhavan a not-for-profit institution managed by trustees elected from the entire Jain Shwetambar Murtipujak Sangha of Calcutta.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

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