The Business Loyal Society
As a recent graduate of the College of Business, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Although you are building your career and future, you can make an impact on the College of Business today through your participation in the life of the institution. As state support continues to decline, private support from alumni is critical to maintain and extend the educational excellence we provide our students. Your yearly contribution as a member of the B Loyal Society will help build and sustain the tradition of innovation that is fundamental to the College of Business’s success.

Benefits for You
As a member of the B Loyal Society, you will receive invitations to special College events such as on-campus lecture series, receptions with the Dean, and opportunities to meet faculty members of the College. You will also receive advanced notices of significant news and regular interactions with representatives from the College. Members will also be publicly recognized at College events and in publications.

Membership Level of Support
Membership in the B Loyal Society is based on annual financial commitments to the College of Business. Giving levels based on personal contributions plus any corporate matching funds are:

$50 Senior Class Gift
$50 1 year after graduation
$250 2–4 years after graduation
$500 5–10 years after graduation

Matching Gifts
It’s easier than you think! All it takes is $125 from you and a $125 match from your employer!

Why B Loyal?

• Because you will always remember those “extremely productive” group project meetings.
• Because you have professors who are not only mentors, but also friends.
• Because you are still learning.
• Because your circle of friends now circles the world.
• Because you seized every opportunity presented to you.
• Because the College of Business needs your support to continue building the legacy and traditions you will always be a part of.

"The College of Business at the University of Illinois provided me with the quintessential educational environment—academic rigor, boundless social opportunity and a robust support network—which aptly prepared me to succeed in business and the world. I envision a College of Business that affords future students even greater advantages than I enjoyed during my time there."

- Peter S. Sizgoric ‘02 Consultant, Bearingpoint


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