As a recent graduate from the College of Business, you have the opportunity to make a difference. Though you are likely still paying off student loans and are focused on building your career and future, you can still make an impact on the College today through your participation in giving back whatever you can to support the future of the College.

Did you know??

  • Alumni participation rates in annual giving (gifts of any size!) factor into College rankings, like those in US News and World Report. Your participation could make the difference in moving our rank up ahead of our competition, thus, enhancing the value of your ILLINOIS degree!
  • In Fiscal Year 2011, only 1.97% of all young alumni gave back to the College of Business totaling $82,299.
    In comparison, if EVERY young alum had given back just $20, it would have totaled $320,860!
  • The company you work for will likely match any charitable donation you make. That turns your $50 gift to Business into $100, just like that! Add in the match from our Challenge Donors and your gift makes
    4x the impact!
  • Any amount you give can be given through recurring monthly payments. For instance, a $60 gift can be given over a year for just $5 per month. You can make a huge difference and hardly know it's missing!

Step up to the B LOYAL Challenge today by giving back to support future Business Illini, so that their experiences at ILLINOIS will be as beneficial to their futures as yours have been!