Social Networking Tips

Social networking has evolved from a way to socialize with friends in cyberspace to a means of professional networking. While in many cases the most effective networking is face to face, being electronically connected can be a powerful tool in your career search. But for all the advantages of connecting on-line, carefully consider the longterm impact of all personal information shared on-line. Information posted on-line is labeled one's 'digital tattoo': once it’s out there it can be difficult and very painful to remove. With your career search in mind, consider these points:


LinkedIn is an especially powerful tool for professional networking. More and more employers and job-seekers are using LinkedIn as a means of meeting work-related needs.

Create a strong and professional profile

Be active

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Check out LinkedIn's tutorial for students and take a few minutes to learn about LinkedIn and how it can help in your career search. LinkedIn can be extremely useful for finding a job and networking with alumni.

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