Successful Interviewing.

Interviews are critical to the hiring process. The impression you make in the first few minutes can determine if you will get an opportunity for a second interview or even an offer. There are basically three steps to the interview process, the before, during and after. Although there are no guarantees with interviewing, your actions can increase your chances of success.

Before the Interview

Evaluate and Know Yourself. Interviewers use questions to measure your skills, experience, preparation and interests. Questions are used to determine how well you will “fit” with the employer.

Research the Employer. Researching employers will help you prepare to answer and ask questions during an interview. It is important to learn what an employer does, why they exist, how financially stable they are, what the work culture is like, and what jobs are available.

Dress Professionally. It is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed in an interview. A suit is recommended for campus interviews unless an employer specifies other attire. Dress conservatively and skip the nose rings, gum, smoking, sandals, spiked heels, cologne and perfume.

During the Interview

Impress everyone. Assume that everyone you meet will offer input used in hiring decisions. This includes participants in pre-night events, greeters you meet at on-campus interviews, and support staff involved in on-site interview days.

Listen attentively and be aware of your body language.

Be concise and answer the question that is being asked. Be sure to follow the STAR method. Demonstrate your knowledge of yourself, interest in the employer, and skills for the job.

Close well.

After the Interview

Send a thank you letter or e-mail within 24 hours of each interview. Follow up accordingly.

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