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Our small team approach generates big business leaders by guiding students to identify their passions while teaching them rock-solid business foundations.

Illinois College of Business students have an average ACT score of 30 and show strong evidence of leadership throughout their academic careers. High achieving students have the opportunity to join several honors programs beginning freshman year; top juniors and seniors can further challenge themselves within their chosen fields as members of honors-like programs including the Finance Academy and the Investment Banking Academy.


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
As the #2 ranked Accountancy degree in the country (US News & World Reports) our BSA program produces cream-of-the-crop prospects for these and other accounting-focused positions. Engage with Accountancy Students »

Business Administration

Business Process Management
From Huron Consulting Group to Abbott Laboratories to Caterpillar, corporations seek our graduates for their extraordinary skills in managing systems, people, ideas, and capital.

Information Systems/Information Technology
Our program fosters the unique ability to understand both technical and business concepts - a winning information management combination.

With a solid foundation of strong leadership, decision-making and strategic thinking, our graduates can hit the ground running or seamlessly enter a formal trainee program. Subconcentrations include Entrepreneurship, International Business, and General Management.

Kraft, Discover Financial Services, and The Nielsen Company are among the companies that have hired our graduates for their strong analytical background, creative flair and ability to connect with people.

Supply Chain Management
A rigorous, highly selective program produces graduates with unmatched skills to manage the delicate balance of supplier-manufacturer-distributor infrastructure.

Technology & Management Minor
Only the best and brightest from the Illinois colleges of Business and Engineering are chosen for this degree. Working with corporate sponsors, students develop real-world solutions to global business issues.

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Bachelor of Science in Finance
Whether judging investment or purchasing opportunities, developing feasibility studies, or raising funds, our BSF graduates bring solid theoretical and analytical tools to corporations large and small. Engage with Finance Students »

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