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General Information for BADM Visitors

This page is under construction, so please bear with us!

Departmental staff will contact you several weeks before to help coordinate your visit. Please be sure to provide the following information:

The department will arrange all flights, lodging, and meals. One exception is that we cannot make arrangements for rental cars; however, we can provide reimbursement after receiving the required documentation. If you are traveling by personal car, we can reimburse you for the mileage. For these situations, or if you have already made your own travel arrangements, follow the instructions for reimbursement provided in the link below.

Proseminar Speakers - Typical Schedule

In most cases, guests will arrive on a Thursday night, give their presentation on Friday, and leave Friday evening or Saturday morning. Meals will be arranged, as well as meetings with our faculty and doctoral students.

We send announcements to everyone in the department starting a week and half before your visit. Please send us the title of your talk and the paper/abstract as soon as possible so we can include this information in our announcements and on our webpage.


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Contacts by Academic Group

Primary Group Faculty Contact Staff Coordinator
Information Systems Mike Shaw Claudia Gaston
International Business Joe Clougherty Claudia Gaston
Management Science /
Process Management
Gopesh Anand Claudia Gaston
Marketing Cele Otnes Ann Zettervall
Organizational Behavior Geoff Love Ann Zettervall
Strategy Raj Echambadi Margo Robbins