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Speakers in 2010

Hillary Anger ElfenbeinAnnouncement Paper
Brittany DuffAnnouncement Paper
Anne ParmigianiAnnouncement Paper
Minkyoung KooAnnouncement Paper
Glenn HoetkerAnnouncement Paper
Taekjin ShinAnnouncement Paper
Pradeep ChintaguntaAnnouncement Paper
Myles ShaverAnnouncement Paper
Seth CarnahanAnnouncement Paper
Dan ElfenbeinAnnouncement Paper
Akshay RaoAnnouncement Paper
Tim HallettAnnouncement Paper
Mahka MoeenAnnouncement Paper
Jasmijn BolAnnouncement Paper
Chris MoormanAnnouncement Paper
Jackson NickersonAnnouncement Paper
Marc SchneibergAnnouncement Paper
Josh LernerAnnouncement Paper
Chris JaniszewskiAnnouncement Paper
Steven BladerAnnouncement Paper
Jerry DavisAnnouncement Paper
Aimee KaneAnnouncement Paper
Lihong QianAnnouncement Paper
April FrancoAnnouncement Paper
Baba ShivAnnouncement
Ali TaftiAnnouncement Paper
Michael PhamAnnouncement Paper Paper 2  
Todd ZengerAnnouncement Paper
John DenckerAnnouncement Paper
Joseph CloughertyAnnouncement Paper
Ramanath SubramanyamAnnouncement Paper
Tim JudgeAnnouncement Paper
Ali AbbasAnnouncement Paper
Rich BurtonAnnouncement Paper
Jiawei HanAnnouncement Paper
Wenjun GuAnnouncement Paper
Tim FoltaAnnouncement Paper
Vinayak Deshpande Announcement Paper
Batia WiesenfeldAnnouncement Paper
Barb FlynnAnnouncement Paper
Raffaele ContiAnnouncement Paper
Phil AndersonAnnouncement Paper
Joydeep ChatterjeeAnnouncement Paper Paper 2 Paper 3


Group Faculty Contact Staff Coordinator
Information Systems Mike Shaw Claudia Gaston
International Business Joe Clougherty Claudia Gaston
Management Science /
Process Management
Gopesh Anand Claudia Gaston
Marketing Cele Otnes Ann Zettervall
Organizational Behavior Geoff Love Ann Zettervall
Strategy Raj Echambadi Margo Robbins