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Speakers in 2009

Mary Benner Announcement Paper
Wilbur Chung Announcement Paper
Russ Coff Announcement Paper
Ricardo Flores Announcement
Jovan Grahovac Announcement Paper
Amit Jain Announcement Paper
Frank Kardes Announcement
Anita McGahan Announcement Paper
Susan Perkins Announcement Paper
Timothy Pollock Announcement Paper
Marshall Scott Poole Announcement Paper
Joshua Sears Announcement Paper
Abhijeet Vadera Announcement
Timothy Vogus Announcement Paper Paper 2
Arvids Ziedonis Announcement Paper


Group Faculty Contact Staff Coordinator
Information Systems Mike Shaw Claudia Gaston
International Business Joe Clougherty Claudia Gaston
Management Science /
Process Management
Gopesh Anand Claudia Gaston
Marketing Cele Otnes Ann Zettervall
Organizational Behavior Geoff Love Ann Zettervall
Strategy Raj Echambadi Margo Robbins