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The Information Systems (IS) Ph.D. program covers two broad areas: (1) acquisition, deployment, and management of information technology resources and services (the information systems function) and (2) development and evolution of technology infrastructures and systems for use in organization processes (system development).

Faculty research in IS spans the research areas of management of IS/IT portfolios, software management, data mining, decision support systems, intelligent agents, information technology (IT) for supply-chain management, e-Business standards, IT outsourcing and business value of IT, among others.

Students are encouraged to generate new knowledge through rigorous research and industrial/business problem solving.

The Illinois Advantage

Faculty excellence and industry funded opportunities have enabled our students to take advantage of the areas of excellence of UIUC in the domain of information technology and management. The program has been designed to provide Ph.D. students with enough flexibility to discover an intellectual niche while ensuring that they acquire:

Our program is consistently ranked high and our students are very competitive in the market.  The program was ranked among the top 20 graduate programs by US News & World Report (2008) under the Information Systems area. Graduates of the IS Ph.D. program have gone on to become faculty in institutions such as University of Arizona, University of Florida, University of Wisconsin, Texas A & M University, and University of Illinois - Springfield. 

Program of Study

Courses: In addition to the Business Administration core courses, students take courses in the area of Information Systems, courses in research methodology, and pro-seminars in Information systems. Owing to the strengths of the University in diverse areas, students have opportunities to take graduate level courses from other relevant departments on campus.

Research: In the first stage of the program, students work on strengthening their foundation in IS research and research methods. Throughout their tenure in the program, students have ample opportunities for close collaboration with faculty on leading IS projects. Our faculty excel in interdisciplinary research and collaborate with National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) and Information Trust Institute (ITI). Once students establish their research foundation, they begin motivated work toward their dissertation.


For a complete list of Information Systems faculty members please visit our faculty directory.

Current Students

For a complete list of current candidates in Information Systems please visit our PhD student directory.

Student Perspectives

"Like other top-rate universities, the faculty in the IS Ph.D. program at UIUC are exceptional scholars and are recognized as being top researchers in the field. What makes the program at UIUC unique, however, is that the faculty go above and beyond to cater the program experience to the unique interests and needs of students. Likewise, the faculty focus beyond your time as a student at UIUC to help you develop the skills and experiences necessary to be a productive IS faculty member immediately upon graduation. Their extra emphasis on developing graduates who can have successful long-term careers in academia is so valuable in this highly competitive and demanding field."
- Michele Gribbins, Faculty member at University of Illinois at Springfield

"Information Systems is an interdisciplinary and evolving research area. The University of Illinois provides you a flexible curriculum that enables you to explore your own research interests. In addition, you have access to research opportunities and excellent researchers in a variety of areas, such as economics, strategy management, marketing, etc. These resources will help you to develop your academic career."
- Kexin Zhao, Faculty member at University of North Carolina, Charlotte

"The great thing about the U of I is that you get to work with so many fabulous people. There is a lot of opportunity to work with the Professors, staff and other students. Also, culturally there is a lot to do. Between the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and Big Ten Sports, especially Basketball, there is always something happening on campus."
-John Burke, IS Ph.D. candidate

"My experience at the U of I has been an eye-opener. During these last few years, I have been exposed to several critical dimensions and strategic implications of Information Technology (IT). U of I is one of the best universities in the world to work on interdisciplinary IT research. This campus has a great history. More importantly, this campus has an ongoing research tradition. I feel lucky and proud to be a part of it."
- Prasanna Karhade, IS Ph.D. candidate

"Our IS Ph.D. program at UIUC is distinguished from other programs by its close relationships between faculty members and Ph.D. students. I can learn invaluable lessons from interactions with faculty members as well as from the courses. The wide range of research resources is one of the greatest benefits of the Ph.D. program in business administration at UIUC. Especially, the library system which is ranked highly nationwide is what I like most in our campus."
- Wooje Cho, IS Ph.D. candidate


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