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Marcelo Bucheli awarded Henley Business School's John H. Dunning Fellowship in International Business

(11/12/2014) -  

Consequences of gendered names; Sharon Shavitt's research cited in Forbes

(10/21/2014) -  

'Risky business': John Kindt talks fantasy sports on 'Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel'

(09/23/2014) -  

Ravi Gajendran: Telecommuters perform just as well as co-workers in the office

(09/18/2014) -  

Diversity makes us smarter: Greg Northcraft's study highlighted in Scientific American

(09/16/2014) -  

Professional sports & gambling: A minute with John Kindt

(09/11/2014) -  

Kathleen Wright ’03 talks to Fast Company about launching visionary startup

(08/22/2014) -  

What makes for board excellence? B. Joseph White shares insight in new book

(08/18/2014) -  

Lottery Control Board’s failure to meet raises questions, says John Kindt

(08/15/2014) -  

Ravi Mehta's 'big picture' research on self-control has implications for luxury marketers

(07/23/2014) -  

Former dean Avijit Ghosh named CEO of the University of Illinois Hospital in Chicago

(07/22/2014) -  

John Kindt in Crain's: Proposed pension amendment won't get past voters

(07/16/2014) -  

Ravi Mehta: Step away from the 'big picture' to achieve goals, avoid temptation

(06/26/2014) -  

Mike Small '88 selected as Fighting Illini Coach of the Year

(06/18/2014) -  

Have casinos made a bad bet? John Kindt thinks so.

(06/09/2014) -  

Senior-to-be Brian Campbell ready for US Open

(06/09/2014) -  

Study: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms

(06/03/2014) -  

Are hurricanes named after females bigger killers?

(06/03/2014) -  

Distinguished faculty profile: Madhu Viswanathan (VIDEO)

(04/22/2014) -  

Ill. pension law had costly typo; Avijit Ghosh comments

(04/18/2014) -  

Denise Lewin Loyd: Top-ranking women don't necessarily help other women advance

(04/15/2014) -  

Mark Wolters wins student senate’s Teaching Excellence Award

(04/07/2014) -  

College of Business maintains prestigious AACSB business accreditation

(04/02/2014) -  

MSI: Sharon Shavitt's price information research a 'must read for marketers'

(03/24/2014) -  

Targeted marketing lures seniors back to casinos, says John Kindt

(03/18/2014) -  

Madhu Viswanathan wins outstanding marketing teacher award

(03/13/2014) -  

Madhu Viswanathan will serve on newly forming UN advisory board

(02/28/2014) -  

Madhu Viswanathan's e-book explores intersection of poverty and marketplace

(02/27/2014) -  

Sophomore Tanaya Bhardwaj reaches new heights at NASA

(02/19/2014) -  

Governments cannot gamble their way to prosperity, John Kindt writes

(02/12/2014) -  

Joseph White interviews GM chairman Tim Solso (reg. required)

(02/04/2014) -  

John Kindt: Gamblers gravitate toward bigger jackpots, faster games

(02/02/2014) -  

College of Business announces teaching excellence award winners

(02/02/2014) -  

Madhu Viswanathan's new e-book explores 'bottom-up' business approach

(01/30/2014) -  

Anupam Agrawal: Cultural sensitivity necessary for global business leaders

(01/21/2014) -  

Anupam Agrawal: 'Sourcing hub' could help create more efficient supply chain

(01/15/2014) -  


For the greener good: Students bring energy consciousness to BIF

(12/10/2013) -  

Ravi Mehta: 70 decibels ideal for work creativity

(12/10/2013) -  

Aric Rindfleisch: Materialism amplifies trauma

(12/09/2013) -  

Anupam Agrawal: The most effective leaders embrace cultural differences

(12/04/2013) -  

Universities create 3D printing spaces but at unequal paces

(11/21/2013) -  

We'd love your input for the College's history project!

(11/20/2013) -  

John Kindt: Online gambling expansion ‘a question of national economic security’

(11/18/2013) -  

Raj Echambadi presenting at Research Park's Big Data Summit on Dec. 6

(11/18/2013) -  

Global leadership: One size does not fit all

(11/01/2013) -  

Welcome to the future: In 3D

(10/22/2013) -  

Irwin Family Foundation gifts College $4M to renovate Surveying Building

(10/18/2013) -  

No. 2 US nuclear commander fired over gambling; John Kindt weighs in

(10/10/2013) -  

ILLINOIS produces most sitting CFOs of Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies

(10/08/2013) -  

Four faculty recognized by Management Science for distinguished service

(10/03/2013) -  

When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping

(09/26/2013) -  

John Kindt: 24-hour casinos a bad bet for Illinois

(09/10/2013) -  

What's the point of creativity?

(09/09/2013) -  

College's Perspectives magazine wins Award of Excellence

(08/28/2013) -  

Excellence in teaching: 60 faculty recognized

(08/22/2013) -  

CEOs and public firings: A double standard?

(08/17/2013) - Raj Echambadi discusses the firing scandal at AOL 

Edwardian elegance: Cele Otnes discusses the 'Downton Abbey' merchandise boom.

(08/15/2013) -  

Four College of Business faculty promoted for 2013-14

(08/15/2013) -  

A minute with...Deepak Somaya

(08/14/2013) - Somaya discusses smartphone patent wars—and the Obama administration’s move to overrule a U.S. International Trade Commission decision. Deepak Somaya is a U. of I. business professor who studies patent and intellectual property strategies in high-technology businesses. In an interview with News Bureau business and law editor Phil Ciciora, Somaya discusses the implications of the Obama administration’s headline-grabbing decision. 

One-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for different markets

(08/13/2013) - Raj Echambadi discusses brand performance metrics. 

Four College of Business alumni among 'Forty under 40'

(08/06/2013) -  

Cele Otnes: When a small company is besieged by the royal birth

(08/05/2013) - Swaddle-maker experiences 600 percent increase in sales after Prince George's first public appearance. 

Does daily fantasy sports blur the line between fantasy and gambling?

(08/01/2013) - Sports fans legally wager thousands of dollars on professional athletes' performance online each day. 

John Kindt: Fantasy sports as online gambling

(07/29/2013) - Kindt discusses the legality of daily fantasy sports with the U of I News Bureau 

2013 Dean's list honorees

(07/10/2013) -  

How to beat the 5 killers of virtual working

(06/30/2013) - Article references key research conducted by Ravi Shanker Gajendran, professor of business administration 

The strange scientific connection between coffee shops & creativity

(06/25/2013) - Professor of business administration Ravi Mehta finds that ambient noise may enhance creative productivity. 

Need a creative boost? Head to a coffee shop

(06/21/2013) - A study led by Ravi Mehta revealed that the noise level of a bustling coffee shop enhanced creative performance. 

Video: Should online gambling be legalized?

(06/21/2013) - Professor John Kindt and CEI fellow Michelle Minton debate whether a ban on online gambling is a libertarian issue. 

Job autonomy, trust in leadership key to improving workplace

(06/17/2013) - Professors Gopesh Anand and Dilip Chhajed: A flexible work environment plays a significant role in continuous improvement 

Business administration sophomore awarded study-abroad Gilman Scholarship

(06/12/2013) - Jorge Villegas will represent the U of I in Barcelona for Fall 2013 

Marketing's Tiffany Barnett White 'gets personal' in the News-Gazette

(06/03/2013) - Professor Barnett White chats with Paul Wood about career decisions, late-night TV, and the best advice she's ever received. 

John Kindt: Big gambling's hoard of taxpayer money belies Illinois budget crisis

(05/30/2013) - If Big Gambling had been taxed at comparable rates to other states in the last 23 years, Illinois's budget crisis could have been averted.  

Innocence lost: Class of 2013 comes of age in a weak economy

(05/15/2013) - Accounting and Business Administration graduate Steve Heiss '13 enters the shaky job market with solid footing. 

Should Washington Allow Internet Gambling?

(05/13/2013) - Critics say widespread online gambling would fuel higher rates of addiction, bankruptcies and crime. But can prohibitions even work? And would they only make matters worse? The debate over Internet gambling has been raging in the U.S. for more than a decade. Until recently, the federal government treated Internet gambling as an illegal activity. Fueled by the 50-year-old Wire Act, which bans sports betting over communication wires, and a 2006 law that made it illegal to process U.S. paymen 

Expert: State budget, pension woes tied to big gambling giveaways

(05/13/2013) - Budget and pension woes in the state of Illinois are inextricably linked to giveaways to “Big Gambling,” says professor emeritus John Kindt, a leading national gambling critic. 

Professor Ravi S. Gajendran talks telecommuting

(05/07/2013) - Gajendran discusses managing remote employees on Fox Business's 'Career Accelerator' 

Working Alone, Together

(05/03/2013) - Whitney Tingle, a New York entrepreneur, once had the common fantasy of ditching the 9-to-5 world, starting her own business and working in the serenity of her home. It did not quite work out as planned. A year after cofounding Sakara Life, an organic-meal delivery company, she discovered that “there was no beginning or end to work,” said Ms. Tingle, 27. “I would get distracted by dust bunnies under the desk and end up vacuuming in the middle of the day, or look at myself in the mirror at 7 p 

The Trick to Managing Remote Employees

(05/01/2013) - When it comes to managing remote workers, out of sight shouldn't mean out of mind, new research shows. A University of Illinois study revealed that those in charge of leading employees who work outside the office — either at home or abroad — need to change their leadership style. Illinois business professor Ravi Gajendran said managers can mitigate the isolation of virtual employees by taking a relationship-based approach to their leadership style. While companies typically use a top-down, 

Research: Common component strategy could improve profits

(04/22/2013) - When designing product lines, one important decision marketing and manufacturing managers must consider is whether to use common or product-specific components. While the use of common components can reduce manufacturing costs, firms have traditionally shied away from that strategy over concerns of intensifying what scholars call “product cannibalization.” 

Personalized leadership key for keeping globally distributed teams on task

(04/18/2013) - For companies with employees around the globe, the challenges of distance, diversity and technology may threaten team cohesiveness among their long-distance workers. But according to a new study by a University of Illinois business professor, out of sight doesn’t necessarily have to mean out of mind for virtual teams. Ravi S. Gajendran, a professor of business administration at Illinois, says leaders of globally distributed teams can mitigate the isolation of virtual employees by taking a rel 

Executive MBA Program in Chicago adjusts to global, student demands

(04/15/2013) - "Echambadi said a newly restructured curriculum includes a Global Business Horizons course designed to help students understand consumers in emerging markets. It's an eye opener when students are required in class simulations to live for a few weeks on a $4 daily budget, as many families around the world do." 

Video: UI reveals 3D technology

(04/11/2013) - The new 3D printing lab at the College of Business was recently featured on local news station WCIA. 

Six simple steps to pension reform

(04/09/2013) - Professors Jeffrey Brown and Avijit Ghosh outline their pension reform plan in this editorial in Crain's Chicago Business. 

Meet Your Maker

(03/26/2013) - A new 3D printing lab in the College of Business is a place where students gain hands-on experience with this revolutionary technology. 

John Kindt: The SEC and Illinois pensions fraud

(03/25/2013) - Professor Kindt submits guest opinion to The State Journal Register regarding the State pension system. 

Colombia’s Coffee Producers Reprise Export Protectionism

(03/22/2013) - In Bloomberg, Professor Marcelo Bucheli explores the historical economic relationship between the Columbian state and the country's coffee exporters. 

Global Business Brigade's Spring Break in Panama

(03/18/2013) - For the past couple of years, sophomore, Matthew Aulert has found a unique way to spend his spring break, and it wasn’t on the shores of Panama City Beach. Aulert put his finance skills to good use abroad as he traveled with fellow classmates to empower and educate rural communities in the Republic of Panama about financial planning. 

Six Simple Steps to Reforming the State Universities Retirement System (SURS)

(03/13/2013) - A group of scholars, which includes three faculty members from the College of Business, has developed a six-step proposal to stabilize pensions for employees of the state’s public colleges and universities. 

MBA Programs Evolve to Meet Student Needs

(03/12/2013) - U.S. News reports Illinois MBA, along with other MBA programs, is evolving to help students remain competitive in the job market. 

The Work-From-Home Tug of War

(03/11/2013) - Profess Ravi Gajendran is quoted extensively about his research on telecommuting in this front-page article in USA Today. 

Viswanathan to receive the Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement

(03/11/2013) - The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will honor alumni, faculty, and students at the annual International Achievement Awards banquet on April 11 at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. 

Pension Reform Proposals That Might Work

(03/07/2013) - College of Business Professor John Kindt authors a guest opinion in Illinois Times regarding recent pension reform efforts. 

Work from home: Women may want it, but not many get it

(03/06/2013) - The research of Professor Ravi Gajendran is cited in this article from The Globe and Mail. 

Corporations' telecommuting crackdown not a problem for most Americans

(03/05/2013) - The research of Professor Ravi Gajendran is cited in this article from The Christian Science Monitor. 

Business Alumni Among 2013 University of Illinois Alumni Award Recipients

(03/04/2013) - Thomas M. Siebel MBA ’83, and Mary Kay Kretch Haben ’77 will be honored on campus at the May 11 Commencement Dinner and during Commencement ceremonies on May 12. 

Telecommuting: A Minute With U. of I. Expert Ravi S. Gajendran

(03/04/2013) - Gajendran is a professor of business administration who has studied and published research on flexible work arrangements. He spoke with News Bureau business and law editor Phil Ciciora about the benefits of telecommuting for both employers and employees. 

John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, Delivers Hallene Lecture

(03/03/2013) - John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, delivered the Hallene Lecture at the Business and Instructional Facility last week. Mr. Donahoe, a native of Illinois, was previously managing director at Bain and Company before moving to eBay in 2005. In February, Fortune magazine named eBay in its list of most admired companies in the world. 

Kindt: States leveraging gambling on social media sites

(02/27/2013) - University of Illinois emeritus professor John W. Kindt warns that Internet gambling through social media sites, already enormously popular outside of the U.S., could lead not only to an entire new generation exposed to gambling at an early age, but also to greater worries for the economy. 

From the screen to your hand: 3-D printing lab installed in the College of Business

(02/26/2013) - The Daily Illini examines the recent opening of the 3D printing MakerLab in the College of Business, the first such lab in a business school worldwide. 

A Minute With C.K. Gunsalus, expert on professional ethics

(02/25/2013) - March is National Ethics Awareness Month – when employers and employees are encouraged to revisit the importance of good ethics in the workplace. C.K. Gunsalus is a professor emerita of business administration and a nationally recognized expert on professional ethics. 

Miller '13 Receives Lincoln Laureate

(02/15/2013) - Senior Ben Miller’s academic excellence and extracurricular involvement has earned him the most highly endowed student honorary in the state. 

Casino revenues drop; expert says local video games taking a bite out of profits

(02/13/2013) - John W. Kindt, a gambling expert at University of Illinois, said it's clear that video gambling machines at local establishments are starting to eat into casino profits. The slot and video poker machines at taverns, VFW halls, bowling alleys and similar joints have been active for only a few months, but many more are on the way. 

Dean's List honorees for the fall 2012 semester have been announced

(02/08/2013) - Dean’s list eligibility is limited to the top 20 percent of a student’s college class or curriculum. To be eligible for the Dean’s list recognition, students must complete at least 14 academic semester hours taken for a letter grade. 

Opponents of legalizing gambling say it will drain more money than bring in

(02/06/2013) - Professor John Kindt was recently invited to Honolulu, HI to discuss his research on the economic impact of legalized gambling. 

Five Questions with Keenan Kassar, University of Illinois senior

(02/06/2013) - Kassar recently was chosen a recipient for the Respiratory Health Association “Our Making a Difference” award. Joel Africk, Respiratory Health Association chief operating officer, said by “leading the way to a smoke-free campus, Keenan has created a healthier environment for more than 50,000 students, faculty and staff members at University of Illinois.” 

NASA Internship Has Business Student Flying High

(01/30/2013) - Grace Walsh is one of ten business students from across the nation participating in the agency’s Cooperative Education Program in Houston, Texas. The prestigious program is known for enhancing college students’ professional development and providing meaningful hands-on experience. 

College of Business Alumni Association Awards for Teaching Excellence

(01/29/2013) - Recipients of the College’s 2013 awards for teaching excellence, nominated by their department and selected by the College Educational Policy Committee 

Study: Store layout an important variable for retailers

(01/24/2013) - Yunchuan "Frank" Liu, a professor of business administration, says a retailer’s optimal store layout is driven by an incentive to balance the shopping process of uncertain consumers and the pricing behavior of upstream suppliers. 

Jobs and Profits Lost to Legalized Gambling

(01/14/2013) - John Kindt, professor emeritus of business administration, is cited in this story about gambling expansion in cities around the globe and the controversy it raises. 

Bad News Can Spur Strategic Change in Businesses

(01/09/2013) - Negative media coverage may prompt firms to engage in greater levels of strategic change than previously thought, according to research by Michael Bednar, assistant professor of business administration. 

Ghosh Stresses Importance of Swift Pension Reform

(01/07/2013) - Avijit Ghosh, professor of business administration, calls for immediate action to avoid destroying the state university system and the state tax base. 

Internet Gambling Will Cripple World's Economic, Financial Systems

(01/07/2013) - John Kindt, professor emeritus of business administration, authors this story run in Roll Call, the leading provider of U.S. congressional news.