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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I get in touch with a fellow alumnus?

Access the online alumni directory or email

How do I become a member of the College of Business Alumni Association?

You can access the membership forms online at:

Are career resources offered to alumni?

Yes! Career resources are offered through the University of Illinois Alumni Career Center.

How can I learn more about alumni events or meet fellow alumni in my area?

Visit our online directory and event calendar at

How can I sign up for the College of Business eNewsletter?

You can complete our online subscription form. You will receive a confirmation email at your designated address to complete the subscription process. The eNewsletter is sent the last Friday of each month.

How do I update my address?

You may update your address at anytime at or by emailing

Where do I request a transcript?

You may request a transcript online at

Where can I buy Illini merchandise?

You can buy Illini merchandise at the Illini Union Bookstore.

Where can I find the location of major campus buildings?

The University has maps of the campus online.

How can I make a contribution to the college?

Visit the Office of Development's website at


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