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Peecher named academic director of the Center for Professional Responsibility in Business and Society  (8/2014)

Eric Draut '79 honored with President’s Call to Service Award  (7/2014)

Paper Acceptance - Kirsten Fanning
Kirsten Fanning'sr paper "Internal Auditors' Use of Interpersonal Likability, Arguments, and Accounting Information in a Corporate Governance Setting" with David Piercey (Illinois PhD) has been accepted at Accounting, Organizations and Society.  (7/2014)

Doug McConnell ’79 does marathons—in the water  (7/2014)

Tax-Inversion Takeovers Deliver Market-Beating Returns: Real M&A
According to a report by Elizabeth Chorvat, corporate inversions that occurred between 1993 and 2013 outperformed the market average in the years following the transactions. Even so, companies’ stock prices don’t always respond positively to the announcement of an inversion deal.  (6/2014)

Paper Acceptance - Clara Chen
Clara Chen's paper entitled "The Effect of Competition Intensity and Competition Type on the Use of Customer Satisfaction Measures in Executive Annual Bonus Contracts" coauthored with Ella Mae Matsumura (Wisconsin), Jae Yong Shin (Seoul National University, former Illinois faculty), and Steve Wu (University of Hong Kong, Illinois PhD graduate) has been accepted for publication at The Accounting Review.  (6/2014)

Accounting major Joe McAsey earns 2nd-team All-America honors  (6/2014)

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