2011-12 Forum Schedule

Our Forum Series features the latest in accounting research, providing an opportunity for accounting scholars and doctoral students to interact in person, exchange ideas, and receive peer feedback.

Date Presenter University
04/20/12 Doctoral Student Presentations
University of Illinois
04/17/12 Tom Vance
University of Waterloo
03/16/12 Kirsten Fanning
Villanova University
03/13/12 Roger Silvers
University of Massachusetts
03/09/12 Sanaz Aghazadeh University of Oklahoma
03/06/12 Stephen Brown University of Florida
03/02/12 Ann Backof University of Georgia
02/28/12 Timothy Brown Cornell University
02/24/12 K. Ramesh
Weldon Powell Lecture Series
Rice University
02/21/12 Sam Bonsall Penn State University
02/17/12 Suresh Nallareddy University of Southern California
02/14/12 Katie McDermott University of North Carolina
02/10/12 Kris Hoang University of Alberta
02/08/12 Kathleen Bentley Texas A&M University
02/07/12 Jared Jennings University of Washington
02/03/12 Ge Bai Michigan State University
01/31/12 Adam Esplin Indiana University
01/27/12 Qintao Fan University of California – Berkeley
01/25/12 Heather Pesch University of Wisconsin – Whitewater
01/23/12 Bing Li Nanyang Technological University
01/20/12 Sarah McVay
Asher Curtis
University of Utah
11/04/11 Jeffrey Hales Georgia Tech University
10/28/11 Bill Mayew Duke University
10/21/11 Richard Price Rice University
10/14/11 Teri Lombardi Yohn Indiana University
10/07/11 Brian White University of Illinois
09/30/11 Yoon Ju Kang University of Illinois
09/16/11 Dawn Matsumoto University of Washington
09/02/11 Vicky Hoffman University of Pittsburgh