2009-10 Forum Schedule

Our Forum Series features the latest in accounting research, providing an opportunity for accounting scholars and doctoral students to interact in person, exchange ideas, and receive peer feedback.

Date Presenter University
09/25/09 Sarah Zeckman
University of Chicago
10/16/09 Learning Assessment Forum
University of Illinois
10/23/09 David Erkens
University of Southern California
11/06/09 Jon Grenier (PhD)
University of Illinois
12/11/09 Phd Presentations University of Illinois
01/22/10 Romana Autrey Harvard University
01/25/10 Ling Harris (PhD) University of Illinois
02/05/10 Rick Laux University of Illinois
02/12/10 Jake Thornock University of North Carolina
02/19/10 Kathy Rupar Cornell University
02/26/10 Mike Minnis University of Michigan
03/01/10 Andrew Van Buskirk University of Chicago
03/05/10 Marsha Keune University of Wisconsin – Madison
03/12/10 Bernhard Reichert University of Texas – Austin
04/16/10 Robert H. Herz
Roedgers Lecture Series
04/30/10 Paddy Sivadasan (PhD) University of Illinois