2008-09 Forum Schedule

Our Forum Series features the latest in accounting research, providing an opportunity for accounting scholars and doctoral students to interact in person, exchange ideas, and receive peer feedback.

Date Presenter University
04/24/09 Chris Hogan Michigan State University
03/16/09 Rick Laux Arizona State University
03/09/09 Edwige Cheynel Carnegie Mellon University
03/06/09 Jessen Hobson Florida State University
03/02/09 Bradley Pomeroy University of Alberta
02/27/09 Monika Causholli
University of Florida
02/20/09 Cory Cassell Texas A&M University
02/18/09 Shawn Huang University of Missouri
02/09/09 David Reppenhagen Ermory University
02/06/09 Casey Schwab University of Texas – Austin
01/30/13 Jasmijn Bol
Steve Smith
University of Illinois
University of Illinois
11/14/08 Keith Jones George Mason University
11/07/08 Joe Brazel North Carolina State University
10/24/08 Hai Lu University of Toronto
09/26/08 Laura Li University of Illinois
09/12/09 Shannon Anderson Rice University
09/05/09 Brooke Elliott University of Illinois